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Interco Car and Truck Tires

When purchasing a tire, it is essential for the tires to have durability, longevity, and traction. In addition, people often look for a tire that is capable of handling itself on multiple terrains. Interco offers a multitude of car and truck tires for many different makes and models of vehicles, as well as ATV and utility tires.

What types of tires does Interco produce?

Interco produces tires for different types of driving. Car and truck tires are produced for day-to-day driving as well as for more intense all-terrain driving, and these tires feature a wide array of treads. ATV tires, drag race tires, and motocross tires are produced for sport. Trailer and utility tires are produced to aid in work and in the transportation of goods. Agricultural tires with different terrain capabilities are produced for large farming equipment.

What types of terrain are Super Swampers suitable for?

Interco Super Swampers are specifically designed to aid in travel through several different types of terrain, such as ice, snow, rainy pavement, and rocky terrain. The large size and easily identifiable chevron tread of these tires allow them to maneuver through snowy and icy conditions, as well as on wet and slippery pavement. In addition, the Super Swampers are capable of driving on rocky terrain because of their thick treads. Swampers are specifically designed to be able to handle on wet, dense swampland. Despite their off-road capabilities, Super Swampers create low road noise.

What type of vehicle would best benefit from Interco Boggers?

The 44-inch Interco Boggers are a series of large tires that are designed for thick, moisture-heavy terrain such as swampland. In order for these tires to be effective, your vehicle will need about 400 q of torque. Trucks and ATVs are among the vehicles are often outfitted with these tires. In addition, the large tires will also need a suitably heavy-duty set of wheels to be most effective. Though built primarily for off-road travel, Interco Boggers are also capable of handling pavement.

What types of wheels does Interco produce?

In addition to tires, Interco produces Swamper and Birddog wheels for light trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. Birddog wheels are designed for use in off-the-highway environments. The tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS sensor, compatible Swamper wheels from Interco is designed for use in both off-road and regular driving conditions, so these wheels can be driven over most surfaces.

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