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Ford F-150 Instrument Clusters

If your Ford F-150 instrument cluster is broken or unreadable, driving can be difficult and dangerous. This part gives you important information about your truck's status, such as speed and how much fuel you have. Fortunately, this part is relatively easy to replace or upgrade as needed.

What is an instrument cluster?

An instrument cluster refers to the row of gauges that you see in the center console of your Ford F-150 dash. The vehicle manufacturer places this important information in a single, central location. Here are some of the important gauges you will find in the cluster.

  • Warnings: Key vehicle warning lights give you quick notification of serious concerns. For example, these lights let you know about an oil leak, a sudden loss of tire pressure, and extremely low gas.
  • Tachometer: This gauge measures torque, the current spinning force in your engine. In manual transmissions, this gauge will let you know when it is time to shift up. In automatic transmissions like the F-150 10-speed transmission, the gauge tells you the horsepower and torque. If you accidentally drive at a high speed in a low gear, the tachometer will let you know. Also, keeping a close eye on this gauge can help confirm possible transmission problems.
  • Engine Temp: In the winter, this gauge will let you know if the engine is warm enough to heat the cabin. In the event of an issue like a radiator leak, it will also let you know that the engine is overheating.
How do you choose the instrument cluster for your vehicle?

Finding the correct instrument cluster will depend mostly on your vehicle. These gauges tend to come pre-printed with a single connector to your F-150 wiring. If one gauge breaks, you will probably need to replace them all. In some cases, depending on the year of your truck, you may be able to replace individual displays.

What does extended contents mean?

Extended contents means that this instrument cluster has either more information or information presented in a different way. For example, expanded contents may mean larger indicators or a bigger digital display. In some Ford models, you can use extended content displays to upgrade your dash.

Do diesel engines use different clusters?

As a general rule, calling an engine diesel only refers to how the engine gets power, meaning from diesel and not from gasoline. Instrument clusters connect to the electric wiring and, therefore, don't rely on diesel power. As with any Ford vehicle, you will want to make sure that the cluster matches your diesel truck's year and model. Diesel does not need a different kind of cluster.