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Ford Crown Victoria Instrument Clusters

You'll feel like a law enforcement professional when you gaze down on the updated instrument cluster in your Ford Crown Victoria. Whether you want to restore an older Ford used by a police department or plan to spruce up your own Crown Victoria, installing instruments couldn't be easier. You simply need to know the right parts for your model of Ford Crown Victoria to get started.

What instruments are available for a manual transmission Crown Victoria?

Ford only really delivered the later Crown Victoria as an automatic vehicle stock, so you'll usually only find Ford Crown Victoria instrument panels that feature automatic gears. However, some third-party manufacturers offer equipment that Ford wouldn't otherwise have, so you can get Ford Crown Victoria readouts with manual gears spelled out in lights. Some five-speed modifications are also available for the Ford LTD Crown Victoria, so you should be able to find instrument panels to match.

What are the two different types of instrument clusters?

There are two primary types of Ford Crown Victoria instrument clusters because the vehicle underwent massive design changes during its lifespan. Ford offered the Ford LTD Crown Victoria for sale between 1978 and 1991. All Crown Victoria cars during this period used the same style of instruments regardless of whether they fell into the sedan or coupe category. Ford put the later Crown Victoria up for sale in 1992, and these remained in production using the second set of instrument clusters until 2011. While clusters from the Ford LTD Crown Victoria won't fit on the later Crown Victoria models, you should be able to mix and match some instruments from cars within the same production line.

What dials are on all Ford Crown Victoria panels?

Ford installed different gauges on Crown Victoria cars meant for fleet usage, but some can be found on any vehicle. Regardless of whether you drive a Ford Crown Victoria police car or a civilian model sedan, Ford required fitment of the following dials:

  • Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Fuel gauge
  • Engine thermometer
  • Gear indicator
Can you use Crown Victoria instrument panels in other vehicles?

Ford made several other cars with the same body and engine as the Crown Victoria, so you can get a Crown Victoria instrument cluster and use it in one of these other vehicles. The Ford Crown Victoria LX, Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, and the Lincoln Town Car are essentially all the same vehicle.