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Chevrolet Tahoe Instrument Clusters

The gauges on a vehicle’s dashboard can be useful to drivers for many different reasons. For instance, the odometer can indicate how many miles a car has been driven while a trip display can show how many miles the truck gets per gallon. This information may help a driver ensure that the vehicle is running efficiently at all times.

Is it possible to reset or change an odometer reading?

It may be possible to reset or otherwise change a reading on an odometer. This may be necessary if the reading on the replacement part does not accurately reflect the number of miles a vehicle has been driven. Tahoe owners should write down the vehicle's exact mileage prior to resetting it or replacing the part. This information could be important when trading the vehicle or otherwise transferring ownership.

What does the gauge with the battery symbol measure?

Most Chevy Tahoe instrument clusters will have a display with a picture of a battery on it. This is the voltage gauge, and it will measure the electrical output of the battery and other electrical components. Depending on the make and year of your Tahoe, it may stay steady at around 14 volts. However, it is also possible that it may fluctuate based on the amount of energy being used at a given time.

What does the gauge with the oil symbol measure?

The display featuring the picture of the oil can on it measures the level of oil in the engine. If there is too much oil, it could leak both inside the engine and out of the vehicle. If there is too little oil, it could cause the engine to seize up. In most Tahoes, oil levels are measured between 0 - 80. Ideally, the needle will remain close to 40.

What colors do instrument clusters come in?

Typically, a Chevy Tahoe instrument cluster will come with a black background and white numbers and lettering throughout. The indicator needles are generally orange or red. However, the SS-style white face gauge from The North Face comes with a white background and black lettering throughout. It may also be possible to add LED lights that glow red, green or purple. Other colors may be available to best meet driver needs.

Can gauge faces be purchased on their own?

It is possible to buy just the gauge face to help customize the look and feel of the Chevy Tahoe instrument cluster. Carbon fiber instrument clusters are typically only offered on premium Tahoe vehicles, but the faceplates will fit on most makes and models. This may offer an opportunity to put premium materials on base model trucks. Face plates generally come with an analog display, but the odometer and other mileage information may be displayed digitally.