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Chevrolet Corvette Instrument Clusters

The instrument cluster on any vehicle is an essential set of gauges that allow the driver to check the vehicle speed, RPMs, mileage, fuel levels, tire pressure, and engine temperature. While gauges have been historically analog, marking the measurements without digital sensors, improved technology, and greater use of engine control units to measure data have led to an increase in digital displays on instrument clusters. As issues arise on the instrument panel of your Corvette, understanding how to troubleshoot the problems as well as when and how to install replacement Chevrolet Corvette instrument clusters, will get you safely back on the road.

Why is the speedometer not working?

While driving a sports car such as a Chevrolet Corvette is a thrilling experience because of its powerful engine and its iconic style, you might find yourself in a dangerous situation if the speedometer fails to accurately read your correct speed or if the speedometer fails to work. Reasons why a speedometer may fail include:

  • The speed sensor is broken or failing: This component has many functions and communicates with the engine computer as it collects data on vehicle speed, cruise control, and engine timing. If this fails and needs replacement, the speedometer may not work and the check engine light may appear on your dash.
  • Blown fuse: Check the fuse that controls the speedometer; if the fuse is blown or the wiring of the fuse shows signs of corrosion, you may need to replace the fuse. Without this fuse to provide electric power, the speedometer will not work at all.
Is there a way to test the instrument cluster?

On automobiles with full instrument clusters, you can test the cluster for functioning by putting the key to the accessory position and then hitting the button labeled sel/reset that is located either on the steering wheel or near the odometer. While holding the sel/reset button down, turn the headlights on and turn the key to start the engine, and then wait for 5-10 seconds. Then, in a quick sequence, turn the headlights off, then on, then off once more. Finally, count another 5-10 seconds and take your finger off the sel/reset button, then press the sel/reset button three times in sequence, and wait while each gauge on the instrument cluster begins its test and resetting. When all gauges have cycled through and reset, turn the engine off. Any gauges that failed to respond during the test may need to be replaced.