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Choosing a Tablet

Choosing a tablet can be daunting. There are many manufacturers and brands available. They operate on a few different systems and have different size screens and capabilities. The first thing to do is think about what you are going to need and use your tablet for.

How Are You Going to Use Your Tablet?

The way you use your tablet can help you determine what type and size you need.

  • Watching movies, playing games, or streaming online TV: For anyone who downloads movies or enjoys games, look for a model with a larger GHz processor and higher GB storage space.
  • Reading: You can read standard eBooks on most screen sizes. If you are a reader of online magazines and newspaper content a larger sized screen is usually better.
  • Internet browsing: For Google fans, and users of their online apps, look for a table with an Android system, such as those by Insignia tablets.
  • Document creation: For anyone who creates a lot of documents or needs to enter a lot of online data, look for a model that comes with a separate or detachable keyboard. Tablet models with Windows 10 can be ideal for compatibility with spreadsheets etc.
  • Connectivity: For use outside your home, tablets use wireless connectivity and have Wi-Fi. If you like to chat face-to-face look for models with front-facing cameras as well as rear facing.

What Features Does This Brand of Tablets Have?

Model Android tablets from this company are Insignia Flex models. Offerings as of 2018 include the NS-P10A8100, DL1028W, NS-P11W7100, and NS0P10A7100. Some of the features of Flex tablets include:

  • Screen sizes: Models range in size from 7 inches to 11. 6 inches. Screen resolutions vary, and include 1024 by 600, 1280 by 800 to 1366 by 760.
  • Cameras: Dual cameras so you can take photos and use for communicating face to face.
  • Storage: Internal storage ranges from 8GB to GB with optional slots for USB sticks and connections.
  • Processors: Their models have dual-core or quad-core processors to give you fast performance.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity is via Wi-Fi; some models have USB ports to connect accessories or to other devices.
  • Sleeves: These are available for the different sizes to protect your tablet while in transit.
  • Convertible folio cases: These have elastic on the corners to allow you to prop your laptop up securely on a stand for viewing vertically or at a slight angle.
  • Stylus Pens: These are handy to navigate around the touchscreen quickly or use with apps that you can write directly into.
  • Other Models: Some of the previous models that are not in current production may be available, including the NS-14T004, NS-P16AT08, NS-15AT08, NS-P89W6100, NS-15AT07, NS-13T001, NS-P16AT785HD, NS-P08W7100, NS-P08A7100, NS-15MS08, NS-15AT10, NS-15MS0832, NS-P16AT10, NS-P11W6100, NS-14T002, NS-P10A6100, NS-15T8LTE.

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