Fun With Whitewater Rafting: Inflatable Kayaks, Canoes, and Rafts

Whitewater rafts come in a variety of types designed for different boating experiences and number of passengers. Inflatable kayaks can seat one or two boaters, canoes are slightly larger and seat one or two people, and rafts can seat up to a crew of five. You can find a variety of inflatable watercraft in new and used condition on eBay.

What are the features to consider when shopping for a whitewater raft?

Buying a whitewater raft can involve a number of factors ranging from the number of people it holds to the type of water you wish to navigate:

  • Occupants: The type of inflatable boat to get doesn't just depend on total seats, although that's a start. If you have passengers who aren't able to paddle, then you'll want to have a raft with a sturdy frame or wide base.
  • Cargo space: Another factor for the size of boat to get is the volume of supplies you'll need for your trip. Longer adventures will need more room for food, drink, and camping gear.
  • Type of whitewater: Generally, smaller rivers won't always have enough clearance for wide rafts, making it necessary to ride in smaller boats. Larger rivers, on the other hand, can easily submerge or overturn inflatable kayaks.
Types of inflatable boats suitable for whitewater rafting

There are a few different types of inflatable boats that can handle whitewater rafting:

  • Inflatable kayaks: These boats are usually smaller one or two person boats with a long and narrow design. If you want to navigate winding, narrow, and fast-moving shallows, these boats are a good choice.
  • Wide round or square rafts: For big whitewater rivers, the opposite is true. The height and speed of the rapids you'll encounter on major rivers may overturn smaller boats. Large rafts with wide bases will be unlikely to flip.
  • Inflatable dinghies and fishing boats: The larger fishing boats can provide a more exciting ride on deeper rapids because they are more maneuverable than wide rafts.
Can you buy both new and used whitewater rafts?

There are affordable new and used rafts on eBay to discover. Used whitewater rafts may be more cost-effective than brand new products. New rafts come in an untouched condition. In either case, it's a good idea when buying used rafts is the need to give them a thorough inspection to make sure there aren't any slow air leaks that need to be patched before taking them on their first boating trip.