Business Industrial Sewing Machines

An industrial model of sewing machine is a good choice for large sewing projects. These professional grade machines feature mechanics that are designed to rapidly handle a much larger volume of work and also offer several additional stitch and setting options. Whether you are an avid crafter, quilter, or a professional seamstress, there are many brands and specialty models of industrial sewing machines to meet your sewing needs.

What are the features of an industrial sewing machine?

An industrial machine is specifically designed to sew together multiple fabric layers and to easily sew thicker, tougher materials like leather and denim. These machines are also made to work at a fast pace for hours at a time. Industrial units typically have many stitch options to choose from, and they tend to be rather large in size. They are built for performance and strength.

How does an industrial sewing machine work?

The sewing machine produces stitches by using a needle to bend and lock two threads together. One strand of thread is passed through the needle, and as it is drawn through the machine it picks up a loop of thread from the bobbin to form a stitch, with the next stitch locking the previous one in place.

Numerous stitching patterns are available, with the straight stitch, also known as the lockstitch, and the zig-zag setting being the most commonly used.

Buttonholes can be sewn on most industrial units, though some require an additional buttonhole foot. The patterns to be formed are selected and set by the machine operator.

Industrial sewing machines are available in mechanical, electric, or computerized options. A mechanical machine utilizes knobs, dials, and other manual settings. A computerized version employs buttons to select a program or setting. The electric option is a combination of both.

What are some brands that manufacture industrial machines?

Most sewing machine makers offer both domestic and industrial options. Singer produces several options of industrial sewing machines and tables. Singer sewing machines come with a wide variety of options and features to choose from, including basic professional grade choices to models that produce advanced machine embroidery.

Another well-known sewing machine manufacturer is Switzerland's Bernina. As part of a line of "classic" machines featuring a wide choice of stitch patterns and simple-to-use features, the Bernina 950 is an industrial machine that offers performance and ease of use.

Pfaff, Brother, and Joki are other brands that offer professional grade sewing options.

What are some specialty sewing machine features and settings?

Sergers and embroidery machines are two specialty units. The serger produces an overlock stitch that is used for finishing seams, while the embroidery machine is used to create intricate designs on fabric. Both Singer and Bernina are among the major manufacturers offering these options.