Everything You Need to Know to Choose an Industrial Magnet

Whether you need them for holding, lifting, separating, or closing, there's an industrial-strength magnet for the job. Find affordable industrial magnets on eBay to complete your job or project. Before you buy, determine which shape and size of an industrial magnet is ideal for the job you are tackling.

What kinds of industrial magnets are for sale?

Many projects need a specific shape or size of reasonably priced magnet to get the job done right. The most common shapes available are block magnets and round disc magnets. Choose a smaller size for your craft project at home or a larger block magnet for a project requiring more strength. Find a single magnet or sets with up to 100 pieces.

Whether it's new or used flat magnets or round magnets, find a type for your unique needs on eBay. You can also find sets of cheap magnets that include both. Some sets include multiples of the same magnet while others include a wide variety of magnet shapes and sizes, including small and big magnets.

What materials of new magnets are available?

Magnets not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are also made from a variety of magnetic materials. The material is often what determines the strength of the industrial magnet. Most industrial magnets on eBay are made of neodymium. Neodymium is a naturally magnetic silvery metal.

Industrial magnets are also made with ceramics or rubber. Rubber magnets bend and shape to the needs of your unique project. Ceramic magnets are available in many of the same shapes as neodymium though neodymium tends to be stronger. Rubber and ceramic magnets are ideal for smaller projects.

More information about fishing industrial magnets

Another common industrial magnet is a fishing magnet. These magnets are specially designed for fishing large metal objects out of bodies of water. Whether you're a hobbyist trying to find treasure in the local lake or a professional working on a project underwater, find a variety of fishing magnets on eBay.

These magnets are for sale both individually and as sets. Some fishing magnets even come with a rope to help lower the magnet into the water. Most fishing magnets are also made from strong, natural neodymium, thus they are able to find and remove larger objects from the water. On eBay, you’ll also find fishing magnets that come in carrying cases including both the magnet and rope.