Be Cool When You Carry With a Carrier Reefer

There are many reasons why you may require a reefer unit. Be it for personal or business use, you want to make sure that you are informed about the purchase that you are making. A new or used refrigerated trailer for sale on eBay can be the best investment for you if you know what you are looking for.

How does a reefer unit work?

You know that you require one and begin to search for a reefer trailer for sale, but you are unsure about how it truly works. There are three things that make a reefer trailer what it is. It is imperative that these three components are in working condition to have a functioning carrier reefer.

  • The compressor: The compressor is a small engine that takes in the refrigerant.
  • The condenser: The condenser receives the warmed liquid from the compressor and disperses it through tubing.
  • The evaporator: The evaporator receives the liquid from the condenser that has since been cooled. The liquid is released via the evaporator and produces the cool air.
What are reefer units used for?

You believe that you have found the best reefer unit for sale, but you still need more information about what it is. You may know why you are looking to purchase a refrigerated trailer for sale on eBay, but you may question if it is the best option. They are designed to transport temperature-sensitive items such as produce, candies, and beverages. What you may not be aware of is that a reefer trailer can be used to haul certain dry freight items. It is suggested that you do not utilize the floor of the reefer unit to ship anything that could become indented, as the floor is far more rigid than other trailers. Some of the main aspects to keep in mind about a carrier reefer unit include the following:

  • The trailer loses space due to insulation.
  • Carrying capacity is reduced due to the weight of the conditioning unit.
  • Reefer trailers are most popularly used during peak produce-picking season.
Who manufactures reefer trailers?

Like any consumer product, you will find that there is an array of manufacturers to choose from. While this will be entirely up to you, keep in mind the basic questions that go into purchasing nearly any product: Is the size correct? Is it in the condition you require? Is it affordable to you? Here are a few manufacturers to keep in mind:

  • Polar King International
  • Utility
  • Thermo King