What You Need to Know About Purchasing Old India Coins

Some beautiful collectible coins that enthusiasts enjoy are Indian coins. Rare Indian coins often have unique markings, and there is a lot of history behind the different eras of coins available. You can go on eBay for India coins and notes for sale.

The unique Indian coin eras

When it comes to antique Indian coins, there are several eras of Indian history that produced different coinage types. Some collectors are exclusive to certain eras while others collect valuable coins from different eras in Indian history. Also, earlier eras used copper or silver for coinage while more recent times have used other materials. The current era is considered the Post-Independence era, which began in 1947. Many preowned Indian coins can be found for sale on eBay. The other eras of Indian history include:

  • Ancient Period (c. 1st millennium BCE to 320 BCE) - This era includes early uninscribed cast copper coins, Indian Punched mark Karshapana coins, Saurashtra die struck Quarter Karshapana coins, and Gandharan Punched marked Bent bar coins.
  • Classical Period (c. 320 BCE to 320 CE) - This includes coins from the Mauryan Empire, the rise in use of cast die-struck coins, Satavahana coins, Ujjain coins, Indo-Greek coinage, Indo-Scythians coins, and Kanishka coinage.
  • Middle Kingdoms (c. 320 CE to 1206 CE) - This time period had four different empires rule over India, with each of them creating their own coinage.
  • Late Medieval and Early Modern period (c. 1300-1858 CE) - This time period saw six major changes in leadership, and each new regime created new coins to represent themselves.
  • British Colonial Period (c. c. 1858-1947 CE) - This is the most highly collected period for Indian coins. Known as the Princely States, Indian coinage was widely varied during this time period and is sought after by collectors.
What are the common coin denominations in India?

For the past hundred years, India has used the rupee for its coins. Rupees come in 1/4, 1/2, and whole pieces. There was also annas for a time period, which was smaller denominations. Sixteen annas made a rupee.

What limited-run coins from India are valuable?

When it comes to old coins, India has some neat limited-run coins. For instance, when they first gained their independence from Britain, engraver Patrick Brindley created some concept coins for the new mints that were to be created. His concepts were not adopted, but the coins he created are highly valuable, especially since they are new and were never circulated.

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