Explore Options for Adding In-Wall Speakers to Your Sound System

In-wall speakers can be a great way to add more sound to your current audio setup in a convenient and unobtrusive way. These kinds of speakers come in a variety of configurations, shapes, and brands. You can browse through the selection on eBay to find the in-wall speakers for your home theater or business.

What connectivity options are there?

Connectivity refers to how your in-wall speakers hook into your home and the main sound system. If you would like to purchase a set of in-wall speakers based on their connectivity, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to find affordable models that have the kind of connections you want. Two of the main types of connections for these speakers are the following:

  • Wired - These in-wall mounted speakers use standard wires that run from their housing to the sound system of your choice. Wired wall speakers can use several types of connectors to interface with your audio devices.
  • Wireless - You may wish to connect your speakers to your sound system without using wires. In-wall speakers with Bluetooth connectivity can talk to your audio system wirelessly. The wall speakers and the sound system can recognize each other on the same network.
Are there different configurations?

The configuration of your in-wall speakers can determine how many speakers you get in a set and how they function. You can get a single in-wall speaker or a set that includes dual speakers. Some combinations will include a subwoofer.

How can you buy used in-wall speakers?

You will find several brand new in-wall speakers for home theater systems on eBay. However, you can also use the site to find pre-owned wall speakers as well. Used speakers might be available in a few varieties, some of which include the following:

  • Standard - A standard used speaker system should be in good working order. However, it may feature some noticeable cosmetic defects from normal use.
  • Refurbished - These pre-owned in-wall speakers are not sold as new, but they have been restored to look and perform like their new counterparts in most cases.
  • Parts - Some used in-wall mounted speakers might be available for use as backup parts.
Can you choose different shapes?

Wall speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the layout of your home theater system or your personal preferences. If you like a particular shape or want to find one that works with your system, you can use the menu options on eBay to narrow your search. Common shapes for these items include circles, spheres, and rectangles.