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Wireless Earbuds

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Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a favorite for everyone who wants to take their music outside, to workouts, for gaming, or just about any activity. With the widest selection of all popular models and price-ranges, eBay has the perfect pair for you.

Connect to multiple devices with Bluetooth ®. Built-in mics and on-device controls let you switch easily between calls and music. Some even have free, downloadable apps for your phone. Other options include waterproof models, noise-cancelling, and long-life batteries. Whatever your needs or preference, you’ll find the wireless earbuds on eBay that keep you charged.

Why wireless earbuds?

Freedom, that’s what wireless earbuds offer. They give you the freedom to go where you want, do what you want, and never lose the music. The freedom to answer calls without fumbling in your pocket; the freedom to listen from a distance, no longer tethered to the source. Watch TV when you want, without disturbing others. Outdoor activities are more enjoyable, with no cables to get in the way. With multiple connections, it’s easy to share music with friends.

What are wireless earbuds?

Wireless headphones use a radio or infrared signal, to connect or “pair” with your device. Bluetooth technology is the most common, universal method. Using Bluetooth, you can also connect to several devices at the same time.

Top Brands and Models

Beats by Dre

Beats Powerbeats 3

Don’t hit the gym without your Powerbeats 3. These award-winning headphones won’t let you down, with up to 12 hours of tunes reproduced with dynamics and power. They help you push that workout to the next level. A five-minute Fast Fue™ charge gives you two more hours of tunes. Sweat & water resistant, and the over-the-ear hooks keep them comfy and secure.

Beats X

Relax with clean, crisp, accurate sound. With Beats X the tunes last for up to eight hours. Five minutes of Fast Fuel charging gets you two hours of play time. With the Apple W1 chip, you stay connected to your other Apple devices (iCloud™ required), with longer battery life and greater range. There’s an on-cable mic for music and calls (and Siri™), with easy-to-use controls.

Powerbeats 2

When you want the best sound possible with all the dynamics and bass you crave, choose Powerbeats 2. Dual drivers provide the acoustics that shame other brands. These sweat and water-resistant earbuds are perfect for fitness, workouts; any activity that has you moving and sweating. The over-the-ear hook keeps them secure and comfy. RemoteTalk™ assures easy control of both music and calls.


Bose SoundSport™ Wireless In-ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Bose SoundSport headphones are known for their comfort and dependability. With their superior fit, you can be sure they won’t fall out when you need them the most. These premium earbuds are ready to go where you go. Placement of acoustic ports and a hydrophobic cloth helps keep out the sweat and weather. Download the free app for connecting and switching between devices.

SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones

These sport headphones include a heart rate sensor and StayHear+ Pulse tips. They’re perfect for almost any outdoor activity. MapMyRun™, Runkeeper™, Endomondo™, Runtastic™ and other fitness apps are fully compatible. Durable and weather-resistant, these headphones will always be there when you need them.

Bose QuietControl™ 30 WIRELESS headphones Bluetooth

QuietControl 30 earbuds keep the noise out and the music and calls in, always with great audio. Adjustable noise reduction keeps outside distractions at your preferred level. In-line remote provides total control over music and calls.


JBL Reflect Contour

With the over-the-ear hook and secure fit, you’re ready for some intense activity. These earbuds work with any Bluetooth-enabled device for easy connections wherever you go. They provide up to eight hours of battery life and a three-button remote. The JBL Reflect Contour earbuds are sweat-proof and have a microphone to take calls on the run.

JBL Everest 100 BT

Amazing JBL Pro Audio Sound and Bluetooth 4.1 feels good and stays put. With eight hours of battery life and a microphone that cancels echoes, you’re all set.


Get the famous JBL Sound in style. You get up to eight hours of battery life and a neck clip to secure them. The JBL E25BT also includes multiple ear tips and a three-button remote.


Samsung Gear Icon X™ with Fitness Tracker

Enjoy self-contained tunes with a 4GB music player. Built-in Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor let you check your activities. Perfect for workouts, runs, whatever you feel like doing.

Samsung Level U Pro

These soft, ergonomic ear gels that resist water and sweat, are perfect to take on a workout or run. Sound Share lets you share your tunes with compatible headsets. This is Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA™) technology for the ultimate in audio experience.

Samsung Level Active

They provide high-quality sound and lightweight comfort with soft gel ear tips. The over-the-ear hook keeps them securely attached to your head, no matter what the activity. The built-in remote controls music and calls.


Sennheiser Momentum HD1

This luxurious design provides leather earcups, Hybrid active NoiseGard™ technology to keep noise out and music in, and aptX® for the highest quality audio. The Built-in VoiceMax microphone ensures always-clear calls.

Sennheiser SET830-TV

Enjoy private TV listening with the highest quality sound. An infrared transmitter provides three modes while 12 hours of battery life ranges up to 12 meters. The ear cushions offer the ultimate in comfort.

Sennheiser Presence Business

If you are a mobile professional, PRESENCE™ Business assures communication quality. SpeakFocus™ technology keeps your calls clear, no matter what road or office noise you encounter. Switch easily between mobile and soft phone calls.


Skullcandy Method BT Sport

Skullcandy is your go-to for value-priced earbuds, with nine-hour battery life and DualLock™ fit. Built-in microphone and remote gives you total control over calls and tunes.

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds

Listen for seven hours between charges with these Bluetooth value-priced buds. The lightweight, customizable fit, built-in microphone and remote provides total control over calls and tunes.

Skullcandy Ink'd

If you care about sound quality, these wireless earbuds are for you. SUPREME SOUND™, plus a fit that keeps out the noise, lets the music be heard as the artist intended. It features Bluetooth, with eight-hour battery and built-in microphone, plus remote.



EXTRA BASS, just the way you like it. Splash-proof and tough; take them wherever you go, whatever you do. The pumping bass is perfect to drive your workouts. Bluetooth connectivity.


These Bluetooth earbuds feature EXTRA BASS to supply the quality you demand. Experience all the excitement and drive your tunes can provide. Lightweight and comfortable.


These earbuds are the ultimate in durability. You can wash them; that’s right, wash them. Bluetooth with LDAC quality can’t be matched. IPX5 rating means they’re extremely durable, even if you want to get wet with sports like rowing.


Do you leave your earbuds in restaurants, at friends’ houses, in other peoples’ cars? Do you tend to give them a little too much abuse, so that they fail when you want them the most? Unbranded/Generic is the category for you. Buy ten or more sets for the same you would spend on premium bands. Buy three at a time, and put them in the places you go the most. Don’t spend a day without tunes.

History of Headphones

  • 1891: Ernest Mercadier obtains a patent for in-ear headphones. These earbuds are designed for telephone operators.
  • 1910: Nathaniel Baldwin invents the first pair of audio headphones. They impress the US Navy, which orders 100 pairs.
  • 1937: Beyerdynamic invents the DT-48 dynamic headphones for consumers.
  • 1958: John Koss invents the SP-3, the first stereo headphones.
  • 1969: Sennheiser debuts the HD 414, the first open headphones that sell 100,000 by the end of the year.
  • 1979: The Walkman explodes on the scene in July with the Sony MDR-3L2 headphones.
  • 2000: Bose QuietComfort (QC1) introduces Acoustic Noise Cancellation Technology.
  • 2001: The original iPod is introduced. Since the launch, Apple sells 600 million of the first generation of earbuds.
  • 2004: Bluetooth stereo headphones arrive with the introduction of the Bluetake i-Phono (wireless frequency-hopping communications are originally patented by actress Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil in 1942). aptX is an update for Bluetooth and offers higher fidelity. Recently introduced Bluetooth 5 increases both bandwidth and range.
  • 2008: Monster Beats by Dre are introduced.
  • Present Day – Wireless earbuds rise to dominance in the market, with models and styles for every taste. Sound quality improves steadily until they are mostly indistinguishable from their wired counterparts.
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