IN-18 Nixie Tubes Provide Vintage Clock Display

eBay offers IN-18 Nixie tube products for quality vintage clock and device display. With multiple product choices for tube type, the Nixie tube platform passes that vintage look to your Nixie device. Adding this tube product will establish attractive, old-fashioned power to your modern technology with flair.

What are some benefits to the IN-18 Nixie tube product?

Originally manufactured by the Gazotron factory in xUSSR, this vintage tube was constructed to fit Nixie vintage clocks with cold cathode tubes for vintage numeral device display. The Nixie tube is considered rare. Vintage technologists value the big tubes for clock time display and other devices to include watches and thermometers. High voltages are required to drive the tube (~170V+). Nixies displayed data vital to NASA's landing on the moon, lit up critical metrics for controlling nuclear power plants, and indicated the rise and fall of share prices on Wall Street stock exchanges among thousands of uses. For many people, the warm glow of the IN-18 Nixie tube came to evoke an era of unprecedented scientific and engineering achievement. You can now show off your retro device with confidence that European craftsmanship continues.

What are some IN-18 Nixie tube capabilities?

The Nixie tube is powered by neon gas within a cold cathode. Cathodes include Arabic numerals from 0 to 9, plus comma, in various colors and types such as white, neon, flicker, and color spectrum by choice. Tubes are engineered as large components with a minimum of 40mm digit height size.

A few engineered tube specifications are handy to know; the glass tube contains a wire mesh anode and multiple cathodes. Applying power to one cathode surrounds it with an orange glow discharge. The tube is filled with a gas at low pressure, usually neon with a little mercury or argon, in a Penning mixture. One Nixie tube supports 10 cathodes. Tubes can be easily replaced without any soldering requirement. Simply pop into the mounted socket. These are elegant, high-quality components for long-lasting service. Nixie tubes are available at eBay for both Soviet and unbranded unit models.

What are some available tube types for device pairing?

eBay offers multiple tube type products for pairing with your existing clock, watch, or thermometer device. You may choose from available manufacturers to include:

  • Nixie tube
  • NOS tube
  • Tube socket
  • Vacuum tube

Prospective consumers may pair their Nixie tube with a tube tester, vintage clock, vintage watch, vintage thermometer, sockets, or other ancillary items. Select the correct Nixie tube fit for your retro device display needs. The durable functionality will carry neon light quality for that talking point illumination. Read time the old-fashioned way but with modern convenience.

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