Important Things to Know Before Purchasing In 14 Nixie Tubes

Nixie tubes are capable of displaying a wide variety of numbers and symbols. These retro tubes have experienced a resurgence by enthusiasts in the past 20 years. You can find a broad selection of In 14 Nixie tubes right here on eBay.

How long do In 14 Nixie tubes last?

Earlier Nixie tubes lasted approximately 5,000 hours. Toward the end of their production, however, they could last nearly four times that at up to 200,000 hours. Besides the potential for mechanical failure, there isnt any other way to constitute a failure of Nixie tubes. It is entirely possible for the tubes to far exceed their typical lifespan.

What types of gas do In 14 Nixie tubes use?

In 14 Nixie tubes are typically filled with a low-pressure gas, such as neon, mercury, or argon. Neon gas is usually used in larger amounts and more often than the other gases. When power applies to one cathode, it creates an orange glow to display the number or symbol.

How can Nixie tubes be used?

Nixie tubes can and were used in a wide variety of numerical applications to include voltmeters, watches, multimeters, calculators, frequency counters, electronic telephone switchboards, elevators signs, stock sticker displays, airport electronic signs, and other technical equipment. The military, as well as a number of research facilities, also used these tubes for numerous displays.

  • Nixie watch: A retro style two-digit wristwatch that is easy to read and based on a 40-year old display. These type watches are designed to be rugged, time-tested, and water-resistant.
  • Nixie calculator: Nixie calculators can be purchased ready to use or in kits that require assembly. They are easy to build, durable, and capable of performing normal mathematic functions.
  • Nixie voltmeter: These voltmeters are similar to modern voltmeters in that they can measure alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) voltages with precision, but they have a retro tube display.
  • Nixie multimeters: Nixie multimeters are durable and can take a wide range of measurements to include resistance and voltage. They have a distinct advantage over modern multimeters because the display is brighter and easy to read.
  • Nixie frequency counter: These devices measure electrical frequencies and can also be converted into a Nixie clock. They take accurate measurements and have a large display.
What is the operating temperature of In 14 Nixie tubes?

In 14 Nixie tubes have a maximum operating temperature of approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature can only exist in extreme room conditions. Even at this temperature, there are no safety concerns or issues with failure. Nixie tubes do not have a heating element.