Quick Guide to Finding the Proper iMac 27 Power Supply

If your 27-inch iMac is not powering up, it could be a power supply issue. Get your iMac up to speed with an iMac 27 power supply. There are many affordable iMac 27 power supplies available on eBay.

Which iMac 27 power supply works with your computer?

The internal power supply on your computer converts the AC current to the DC current to power the internal components in your 27-inch iMac. The year of manufacture of your 27-inch iMac will determine which model you need. If your iMac still has power, you can find the year of your 27-inch iMac under "About This Mac" on your Apple menu. Below are the power supply models your iMac needs based on the year of manufacture:

  • A1419 - This A1419 is the power supply unit for late-2012 through mid-2017 iMac computers with 27-inch screens.
  • A1312 - The A1312 internal power supply is compatible with 27-inch iMacs made in 2009, 2010, and 2011.
What is the difference between the A1419 and A1312 supplies?

The A1419 and A1312 power supplies work on different models of your iMac based on the year it was manufactured. They have a few differences that make them non-interchangeable. The A1312 works with iMac Intel 27 EMC No. 2309, 2374, 2390, or 2429 and uses 310W. The original part number is 661-5972. The A1419 works with iMac Intel 27 EMC No. 2546 and operates with 300W. The original part number is 661-7886. You can find new, manufacturer refurbished, and other refurbished A1419 and A1312 power supplies on eBay.

Should you use original parts when replacing the power supply?

You can find genuine Apple iMac 27 power supplies and unbranded Apple iMac 27 power supplies on eBay. Since the power supply itself may not have a "brand" listed, you may still be purchasing original parts whether you buy branded or unbranded parts. The important thing is to make sure the iMac power supply fits the year and model of your 27-inch iMac.

Can you find used iMac 27 power supplies for purchase?

Yes. There are used and new iMac 27 power supplies available. Some power supplies are in working condition. Some supplies are sold in non-working order for parts only. There are also many refurbished or re-manufactured parts available. These should be in good working condition and may be advertised as tested. Check the listing carefully to determine the condition of the iMac 27 power supply before making a decision.

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