Finding Illinois Deer Pins to Complete Your Collection

If you’re a deer hunter in Illinois, you know hunting is more than a hobby—it’s a way of life, and a great way to display your deer hunting pride is by collecting and displaying Illinois deer pins. Look to eBay to find vintage deer pins and rare deer pins including firearm, archery, and harvesting pins sold separately and in collections.

Which types of hunting pins are available?

eBay carries a wide range of hunting pins originally issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Illinois DNR), including the following:

  • Illinois Firearm and Archery deer pins
  • Illinois Deer harvest pins
  • Illinois Big Buck pins
  • Illinois Turkey pins
  • Illinois Morel pins
Why should you purchase collectible deer pins?

These symbols of the hunting life, distributed by the Illinois DNR, have become priceless collectibles for many hunters. You might be searching for a specific pin from a historical hunting season to complete your collection, or maybe you are just looking for hunting swag to complete your home decor. Check out eBay’s selection to meet your collectible needs. Note that Illinois deer pins are not a substitute for official DNR hunting licensing.

In what conditions can you purchase deer pins?

If you’re looking for a vintage deer pin, you may find a new, unopened one on eBay. Many collectors have kept pins in original condition and offer quality collectibles in their original packaging. eBay also carries entire pin collections mounted on ready-made displays that can go straight to the wall of your den.

Are there other deer pin accessories available?

Besides deer pins, eBay carries handmade and manufactured accessories to help you display your collection, including the following:

  • Hand-crafted wooden mounting plaques to display deer pins
  • Carved wooden plaques designed to appear like deer pins
  • Unique, handmade hunting pins
  • Pins altered for various display methods, such as magnet-mounted deer pins
Things to look for when buying Illinois deer pins

When investing in rare and vintage deer pins, it’s important to make sure they are authentic. Watch for the following:

  • Certificates of authenticity or original receipts from the DNR
  • Quality materials, including solid metal materials and durable lacquer finish
  • Photos showing the front and back of the pin and full disclosure of any damage or defects that appear in the images