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Isuzu Rodeo Car and Truck Ignition Coils, Modules, and Pick-Ups

The Isuzu Rodeo brand was used for both a compact pick-up truck and compact SUV from 1988 to 2004, but variations on the name also exist, such as the Isuzu Faster Rodeo, Isuzu Bighorn Rodeo, and Isuzu Rodeo Trooper. Also, Isuzu has produced vehicles which it has marketed under both the Isuzu Rodeo name and other names, such as the Isuzu Wizard. Because of this overlapping nomenclature, be sure to check carefully for applicability to model and version as well as year when shopping for Isuzu Rodeo car and truck ignition coils, modules, and pick-ups.

How do you tell if an ignition coil is failing?

The ignition coil is an important component of the engine system of your Isuzu Rodeo. Ignition coils provide high voltage for the car engine spark plugs to spark. A failing ignition coil will not provide sufficient voltage for this purpose, and the result may be that the engine on your Isuzu will not start. Prior to that, if the ignition coil on your vehicle is in the process of failing, your Rodeo may experience engine misfires and decreases in mileage and engine power.

What is a coil on plug ignition system?

Older car ignition systems utilize a distributor. An ignition coil generates the high ignition voltage, which travels through the distributor to each cylinder spark plug on the engine. With coil on plug, the system has no distributer and each individual spark plug has its own ignition coil. The main advantages of coil on plug are that it is reliable and offers high performance.

Earlier Isuzu Rodeos have a single ignition coil, while those made in later years use coil on plug ignition. When looking for Isuzu parts, always check the make, model, and year for applicability to your specific vehicle.

Why is your ignition coil heating up?

A major cause of ignition coil overheating is moisture inside the coil. Water from rain or washing may have penetrated the coil through a damaged housing. Sometimes a coil will become hot from long periods of idling on a hot day. If that is the case, the coil will spark properly for ignition when cooled, though there may be some permanent damage. If the ignition system uses a distributor with a single ignition coil, the coil may also overheat from not being properly tuned.

What is an ignition control module (ICM)?

An ICM is a computer that controls the voltage input to the coil so that the spark plugs are fired at the correct times. The ICM is essential to the operation of the vehicle. When the ICM fails, the engine will either have trouble starting, will misfire, or will stop once it warms up.

If you suspect that the ICM has failed, it can be tested with a multimeter when starting or attempting to start the engine. If there is an input signal voltage from the car computer but no output signal to the coil, the ICM is faulty and needs to be replaced.