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Ford F-150 Car and Truck Ignition Coils, Modules, and Pick-Ups

When you turn the key in the ignition of your Ford F-150 pickup truck, you expect maximum power. Your ignition coils send the high-power voltage to the spark plugs that fire up the engine. Knowing how an ignition coil works and when you need to replace it can keep your truck running at full power every time you start it up.

What is an ignition coil?

Ignition coils are essential in starting and idling in your F-150 pickup. They convert the low voltage from your truck’s battery into the high voltage needed to put the spark in your spark plugs. The ignition coil raises the voltage coming from the battery, conducts it through the points in the distributor, and relays it to the rotor and then to the spark plugs. Your engine can then fire up and idle normally.

When do you need to replace an ignition coil?

You may need to replace an ignition coil if one of these situations occurs:

  • Your Ford F-150 won't start.
    • A faulty or damaged ignition coil can't send any current to the spark plugs, which means your truck can’t fire up.
  • The check engine light is on or flashing.
    • Your truck's ECU can detect if there is a short or any disruption to the signal coming from the ignition coil. Always check the ODB-ODBII codes, and replace your coils to prevent further damage.
  • Your engine is misfiring.
  • You lose power upon acceleration.
  • Your truck begins to stall.
  • There is rough idling.
  • You notice poor performance.
  • You notice declining gas mileage.
Do you need one ignition coil or a coil pack?

Coils and packs are made the same way and serve the same function. What differs is the type of vehicle they're placed in. Pickup trucks that have a distributor use an ignition coil. In engines that don't contain a distributor, an ignition coil pack is needed.

What is a performance ignition coil?

High-performance ignition coils are designed to give you improved power and performance over your factory-installed coils. You'll still need to follow your manufacturer's specifications for voltage, size, and resistors to get the maximum performance from these aftermarket ignition coils.

  • The gauge of the windings and the number of windings per coil are critical to getting the right voltage under load.
  • Check your manufacturer's specifications to ensure that you find ignition coils that fit the housing in your F-150.
  • Follow your manufacturer's advice on whether to use ballast resistors or performance coils to eliminate the need for resistors.
How many ignition coils go in a Ford F-150's engine?

The number of coils you need for your Ford F-150 can vary. If your truck uses waste spark ignition, you'll need one coil for every two cylinders. If it has a coil-on-plug ignition, you'll need one coil for every cylinder. So, you’ll need three to six coils for a vehicle with a V6 or four to eight coils for a vehicle with a V8.