Icom Repeaters in Two-Way Radios or Walkie Talkies

Electronic devices that require an analog or digital frequency transmission are known as "repeaters." These devices are commonly used in commercial or amateur radio operations. Icom offers a wide range of options for repeater units listed on eBay, so be sure to research properly by reading the article below.

How does a repeater unit typically operate or function daily?

They typically work best in a straight line of communication. On occasions where a mountain may be in the path, a radio that can repeat the message is placed on the mountain. When a user needs to use a handheld, a signal is sent straight up to the repeater. After receiving the transmissions, it retransmits that signal back down the other side of the mountain. An analog repeater can only amplify a signal whereas a digital repeater can recreate a signal close to its original quality.

What are some common uses of a repeater unit?

They are used commonly for amateur and commercial radio transmissions for audio so that the operator is able to receive an instantaneous signal and respond instantaneously. This is used typically for emergency response agencies to help coordinate emergency aid relief efforts through nets. They also can be used on the air through prearranged meetings on a specific topic or interest that are known as nets. They are also used for security purposes, warehouse settings, or outdoor use such as hunting.

What should you look for when purchasing a repeater unit?

When looking for a repeater, here are some common areas to look into:

  • Brand- Icom or unbranded. The choice is yours.
  • Band- VHF, UHF, or MHZ - Outdoor, indoor, organized operations, or security operations.
  • Type- Base station, mobile or in-vehicle, or portable or handheld.
  • Service- FRS/GMRS (dual service)
  • Communications protocol- Analog or digital - You can find either, but digital is more common.
What are the available types you can find at eBay?

A wide range of new and used, as well as refurbished, units are available on eBay, so you will typically find a variety of Icom and unbranded items. This includes the duplexers and some connector kits as well as a controller box from mobile to portable to a desktop version. Some come with a microphone option available. You can also purchase the unit separately. The options seem endless but specific to each individual partaking interest in the product.

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