Talk on the Radio Worldwide With the Icom 718 Transceiver

There are many radio channels, and you can cover all of the bandwidths with the Icom 718 transceiver. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced pro, this all-in-one transceiver will get you set up for global communication. Choose from a selection of new and used Icom 718 transceivers on eBay.

Does this model have a microphone compressor?

Yes, the versatile Icom 718 is equipped with a microphone compressor. You can adjust the compression on this particular model as well. The compression is a good aid for increasing talk power. This lets you stay on the radio when propagation conditions are less than optimal. It also keeps you going over long-distance communication. The Icom 718 has two microphones: One is built in with the loudspeaker, and one is hand-operated. The hand-operated one is included with new Icom 718 kits.

How complex is the Icom 718 to operate?

The Icom 718 is fairly simple to operate. Besides having lots of bandwidth and 101 memory channels, there are so many ways this model compresses benefits into an easy-to-use piece. There is RF gain control to make your searches and standby easier. In addition to that, there is VOX, or Voice Operated Transmission, for touch-free use. Some of the key features of the Icom 718 include:

  • Front-mounted loudspeaker: This makes it easy to keep the audio up over long transmission distances.
  • Hand-held microphone: You don't have to stick with the loudspeaker. You can also use the hand-held unit.
  • 10-keypad: This lets you type in the exact channel number, or you can use the memory key function.
  • Minimal number of controls: The interface is simplified so that it is easy to find the buttons you need in a rush.
  • Built-in USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, and AM modes: These are built-in so you don't have to deal with too many extras.
Does this model have DSP capability?

Yes, this model does have Digital Signal Processing. The noise reduction system included in the DSP takes out errant AF signals and makes for clean audio signals in SSB, AM, and FM modes. There is also an automatic notch filler with automatic notch frequency adjustment. Together, these two features make this DSP an excellent feature that helps you surf the waves on your Icom 718 from outlying areas or during travel. The Digital Signal Processing is standard on U.S. models, but it may be optional in other countries.

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