• New ListingVaughn Velocity V6 2000 Pro Goalie Leg Pads 31+2

    A smooth inner pad edge has no exposed binding in the sliding area to give a true, faster, and more controlled slide along the ice. Dual knee straps and movable buckle locations on the upper three straps allows the goaltender to customize the pad strapping to their style to provide added comfort and pad control.
    Brand: Vaughn
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  • Brians Optik Goalie Blocker Not Pro Stock Pro Return

    For sale is a Brian’s Optik Goalie blocker. This blocker was worn only a few times and is in amazing shape. This is senior and worn on your right hand. This is a retail blocker not pro stock / pro return. The colors are red, black and white jenpro. Please if you have any questions feel free to message us.
    Brand: Brian's
    $7.68 shipping
  • Brown Rebel JB7 Comp Hockey Glove and Blocker

    You are viewing aBrown Rebel JB7 Comp Hockey Glove and Blocker, It is pretty worn but still fully functional. There is a hole in the thumb of the blocker. Good Luck!
    $13.34 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Vaughn SR. V6 2000 Carbon Pro Leg Pads

    RARE single break like the pros use. Lots of flex even above the knee. Even more than my CCM Eflex II pads. Roller flies are pictured but not included. Well broken in with the usual wear around the toes.
    Brand: Vaughn
    $83.61 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Reebok XLT leg pads 34+2

    Bought these from Goalie Monkey this summer. Pads were only used a few months due to an MCL sprain and are in excellent condition. I took the boot straps off but still have them. Also I had a local shop add on an elastic calf strap because for some reason the Goalie Monkey version doesn't have them and an elastic calf strap is a must for me.
    Brand: Reebok
    $24.55 shipping
  • ice hockey goalie mask

    ice hockey goalie mask. Condition is New without tags. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground (2 to 9 business days).
    $10.95 shipping
    or Best Offer
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  • New ListingCCM Y Flex Youth Goalie Pads 22 in

    Great condition - used only 1/2 year before my son grew out of them.
    Brand: CCM
    $17.99 shipping
  • Vintage Cooper GM6 Hockey Goalie Glove Professional & GM12 Blocker Full Right

    Includes a Professional GM 6 Full Right goalie glove and a GM12 Full Right Blocker. These were mine that I hardly used in the late 70's to early 80's. Only one set is available – Order now before it’s gone.
    Brand: Cooper
    Free shipping
  • Mylec Roller Street Hockey Dek ADULT Size Halloween GOALIE Jason Full MASK Black

    They pioneered the idea of specialized equipment for off-ice hockey and lead the field through design, performance and cost efficiency. They are committed to setting the pace for the future. MYLEC .
    Top Rated Plus
    Free shipping
    Brand: Mylec
    27 sold
  • CCM Eflex 3 Custom Set Pads, Leg Pads, Blocker & Catch, Must See!!

    CCM Eflex 3 Custom order Set.Made in Canada, not China. Leg pads 35 1 only used 3x, in excellent shape.
    1 bid
    $121.28 shipping
    Ending Thursday at 6:42PM PST3d 8hBrand: CCM
  • Reebok Pro Spec XLT Senior Goaltender Leg Pads 33+2.5

    These are a set of Reebok XLT senior-size goalie pads, size 33 2.5. The color pattern is black, white, and silver. These are custom-order pads and were used for about two years, where I used them playing at the amateur level.
    Brand: Reebok
    $60.00 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Bauer RX8 Goalie Pads 32+1

    Great pads just needed bigger. 32 1 all in working shape. Just needs one leather strap replaced which doesn’t need to be sewed in just slides right through slot. Normal wear and tear in areas. See pictures. No returns Ships to lower us 48 only
    Brand: Bauer
    $25.35 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Brian's Pro SubZero 3 leg pads 34+1"

    Used-not abused.....boxed ready to ship Brian's Pro SubZero 3 leg pads size 34 1" These pads were used for one season and have lots of life left in them. No rips or tears, just some puck marks!! Velcro is in really nice shape and these do include the elastic toe ties. Don't miss out on these custom beauties!!!
    Brand: Brian's
    $25.00 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • CCM Extream flex pro goalie pads worn by Steve Mason while playing with Flyers

    I believe there will be more interest in a buyer wanting to use them instead of collecting them. They measure 30 inches from the top to the foot. And the foot is an additional 8 inches. approximate size is 35" pad with maybe a 2 thigh rise. I do not have the certificate of authencity. Other than the black puck and stick marks, the rest like inside and straps are in like new condition.
    Brand: CCM
    $20.20 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Mission Slyde Roller Hockey Goalie Catch Senior Regular White/Silver/Black NEW

    Mission Slyde. Goalie Catch.
    Brand: Mission
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  • Itech 4.8 X Wing Ice Hockey Goalie Catch Senior Full Right White/Silver/Red NEW

    Itech 4.8 X Wing. Goalie Catch.
    Brand: i.Tech
    Only 1 left!
  • New ListingReebok Premier X24 Senior Full Set Pads / Glove / Blocker 33”+1” Regular

    Purchased this set secondhand with very little use, only worn myself a handful of times. Everything in excellent used condition with no signs of wear, fraying, etc.
    Brand: Reebok
    $59.64 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Set Youth GOALIE Reebok & TPS R6 Blocker & Catcher Glove Street Ice Hockey

    The Blocker is a TPS R6. The Catcher is Reebok Youth 2K. Blocker glove measures 15" x 8". The catcher glove measures 12 1/2" x 10". It has a hole in one of the fingers and some edge wear - see last photo.
    Brand: Reebok
    $8.55 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • CCM EFlex 3 Pro Return Goalie Pads, white/blue 35+1, McElhinney

    Custom 35 1 Super light, good condition. Sold as shown.
    0 bids
    $231.17 shipping
    Ending Thursday at 6:29PM PST3d 8hBrand: CCM
  • Bauer 960XPM

    It’s the cat eye in a size 55 to 58. It comes with the original bag. No dents, dings or puck marks.
    Brand: Bauer
    $25.02 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Bauer Reactor 9000 Lehtonen Goalie Pro Returns.

    Size 35.5 1.75. Great goalie gear. Financial issues have forced an early sale. Used these for a year. Very little wear. Some binding wear and puck marks but other than that they are great. Lehtonen is embroidered on it.
    Brand: Bauer
    $45.00 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Vaughn Velocity VPG 7100 Youth Goalie Leg Pads Size 22 + 1

    You are looking at a used pair of Vaughn Velocity 7100 Youth Goalie Leg Pads Size 22 1.
    Brand: Vaughn
    Free shipping
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  • Brian's Pro II Goalie Knee Pads - Sr.

    Brand new, unopened Brian's Pro II Goalie Knee Pads - Sr.
    0 bids
    Free shipping
    Ending Today at 11:38AM PST1h 35mBrand: Brian's
  • New ListingBauer NME3 Goalie Helmet Senior

    Helmet is used and was a standard white Bauer NME3 helmet before the design was applied by a vinyl decal. Helmet does currently have a cat eye cage on it but comes with the original cage as well. Lots of life left in this helmet and would be a great deal for the rec league goalie.
    2 bids
    $22.00 shipping
    Ending Jan 28 at 5:37PM PST6d 7hBrand: Bauer
  • lefebrve ''scoop'' style vintage fiberglass goalie mask

    up for auction , sz . large sturdy fiberglass lefebrve '' scoop '' style goalie mask . comes with backplate and harness . made by jeff sand #194 . not recommended for use .
    5 bids
    $23.15 shipping
    Ending Today at 2:04PM PST4h 1m
  • New ListingClear goalie throat collar

    Clear goalie throat collar. Senior. Used. Great shape. Let me know if you want more photos. It’s sold as is FREE SHIPPING!!!!!
    Free shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Vaughn T5500 8800 Howard Iceberg Pro Spec Senior Mens Catch Catcher Glove

    Mens, senior size for the left hand. I bought this glove lightly used several years ago and used it only a few times before giving up the game due to injury. The glove is in great shape. It’s lightly broken in, was not worn much so could use even more breaking in but the glove closes fully and comfortably.
    Brand: Vaughn
    $8.50 shipping

    Used pads. Normal puck marks and superficial wear on the outside. There are a couple small tears in the inner fabric by one knee and one toe. One leather knee strap is missing, but it is an insertable type, not sewn in, so it is easily replaced.
    Brand: Bauer
    Free shipping
  • Vaughn Velocity 7407 Goalie Pads 36 + 1

    Senior Vaughn 36 plus 1 size. Used but plenty of life left! All straps and buckles are good, toe hooks installed.
    0 bids
    $22.43 shipping
    Ending Jan 28 at 9:24AM PST5d 23hBrand: Vaughn
  • New ListingReebok Premier P4 Leg pads size 34+2 with BAHR sliders

    For sale is a pair of reebok P4s, size 34 2. Were used for a season of juniors before me, where I used them for several seasons of low level hockey. Added the BAHR sliders which help them slide quite a bit.
    0 bids
    $75.37 shipping
    Ending Friday at 5:24PM PST4d 7hBrand: Reebok
  • billings bighorns style vintage fiberglass goalie mask

    up for auction ; 70's tim thomlinson billings bighorns vintage goalie mask . mask is sz large , very sturdy . comes with straps and backplate . made by jeff sand #197 . not recommended for use .
    14 bids
    $17.30 shipping
    Ending Today at 2:45PM PST4h 42m
  • Vaughn Pro V4 Pads.

    Pro goalie pads
    0 bidsEnding Tuesday at 3:47AM PST17h 44mBrand: Vaughn
  • New ListingWarrior Messiah 32+2 goalie leg pads, black with silver and white, nearly new

    Nearly new.  Worn a total of three hours on ice.   Excellent quality pads with great protection and workmanship throughout.   These are Pro level pads.   They look awesome on the ice.  I purchased them and, sadly, they were too long for me.   The seller would not return them after they were worn on the ice.   High quality leather and materials throughout. I love the pads, I am 5'4" tall and just wish they were shorter.  
    2 bids
    $31.15 shipping
    Ending Jan 28 at 1:46PM PST6d 3hBrand: Warrior Products
  • Bauer Goalie Total One Pro Return Blocker

    Bauer Total One Soderqvist pro return blocker I purchased new and used for a season and a half of men's league. Colors are white and forest green. Blocker was always sprayed and aired out after each use. Still in great shape, no holes in the palm. Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer.
    Brand: Bauer
    Free shipping
    or Best Offer
  • ray nagle style fiberglass vintage goalie mask

    up for auction : ray nagle (mask maker) sturdy fiberglass , vintage goalie mask . mask is sz. large , comes with harness . made by : jeff sand , # 205 .
    1 bid
    $12.90 shipping
    Ending Wednesday at 1:55PM PST2d 3h

    I have a set of CCM Retro Flex 550 SR goalie gear for sale. DETAILS: As you can see from the photos, this goalie set has been used and shows normal signs of use. Great deal for all three! MODEL: Retro Flex 550.
    1 bid
    $50.00 shipping
    Ending Wednesday at 5:00PM PST2d 6hBrand: CCM
  • Reebok 18K Goalie Glove and Blocker SR

    590 degree close.
    Brand: Reebok
    Free shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Bauer Reactor 9000 Goalie Set

    For sale is a used Bauer Reactor 9000 senior goalie set. Set comes with leg pads, glove and blocker. Leg pads are size 35 1. Pads were used for a little over a year and everything is in good working order.
    16 bids
    $49.99 shipping
    Ending Tuesday at 3:35PM PST1d 5hBrand: Bauer
  • Reebok P4 Pro goalie glove and blocker custom

    I custom ordered these a few years ago and they are in great condition since I used them along with another set. I take excellent care of my equipment and these were properly cleaned and dried after each use so there is no gross hockey smell.
    0 bids
    $42.70 shipping
    Ending Saturday at 10:33AM PST5dBrand: Reebok
  • Bauer Supreme Pro Goalie Adult Senior Ice Hockey Glove Catcher Regular Left Hand

    Bauer Supreme Pro Goalie Glove Catcher with Air Bladder System for Adult Senior Ice Hockey. This fits in the left hand "regular". Red White and Blue colors. This item is well used but it is a good solid glove.
    3 bids
    $8.69 shipping
    Ending Friday at 6:54PM PST4d 8hBrand: Bauer
  • Bauer NME 3 Goalie Mask - LUKE SKYWALKER - Sr - NEW!!!

    Bauer NME 3 Senior Goalie Mask. The Bauer NME3 goal mask is intended for goalies looking for a protective, yet more budget friendly mask than its upper-level NME counterparts. LUKE SKYWALKER graphics.
    Brand: Bauer
    $16.00 shipping
  • Sr. Vaughn Glove and Blocker

    The glove is a Vaughn Vision that is in excellent condition. It opens flat as a pancake and snaps shut easily. The blocker is a Vaughn V5 and is in very good condition. No holes in the palm at all.
    1 bid
    $17.00 shipping
    Ending Today at 6:28PM PST8h 25mBrand: Vaughn
  • Warrior G2 Ritual Goalie Pads - Senior (size 34+1)

    Ritual G2 knee pad comes free with leg pads. - Size: Senior 34 1. - Single break. - Active response straps. - Bindingless construction. - New light weight design.
    Brand: Warrior Products
    $25.35 shipping
    or Best Offer
    13 watching
  • COOPER Ice Hockey Goalie Glove Adult size. good condition 

    PAIR/SET FOR ONE PRICE. LEFT HAND CATCH. RIGHT HAND STICK. Use for only two rec league seasons. Good condition. 
    Brand: Cooper
    $9.85 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • PowerTek Barikad V3.0 Hockey Goalie U Shape Adult Clear Throat Neck Guard Shield

    PowerTek . GOALIE LEXAN THROAT GUARD PROTECTOR U Style / Shape. Clear Lexan throat guard. SIZE: Senior . Adult Size. COLOR: Clear .
    Top Rated Plus
    Free shipping
    10 watching
  • Vaughn Velocity 7000 Goalie Adult Senior Ice Hockey Blocker Regular Right Hand

    Vaughn Velocity 7000 Goalie Blocker for Adult Senior Ice Hockey. F its in the right hand "regular". Red White and Blue colors. It is impossible to mention everything. You should expect to do typical hockey tape and/or sew repairs during its future.
    3 bids
    $8.47 shipping
    Ending Friday at 9:16PM PST4d 11hBrand: Vaughn
  • Brian's Hockey Catch Glove - Regular - Senior

    Brian's Hockey Catch Glove - Goalie Equipment - Worn on left hand (regular) Red, White and Blue color way. Glove is in good condition, normal wear and tear from playing in net.
    1 bid
    $8.50 shipping
    Ending Today at 12:19PM PST2h 16mBrand: Brian's
  • Battram Senior Blocker

    Custom senior regular (right hand) blocker. Made by Battram Custom Goalie Equipment in Canada. Colors are White, Black, and Dark Green. External adjustment straps allow for a custom fit. Superb padding inside, never any stingers from shots.
    1 bid
    $14.24 shipping
    Ending Saturday at 7:00AM PST4d 20h
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