Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays are a freezer accessory that allow us to make an unlimited number of uniform ice cubes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Important features are flexibility so that the ice cubes can be easily removed and freezer resistance so that material does not degrade after being frozen over and over again. There are three main categories of Ice Cube makers to explore.

Typically made of silicone for maximum flexibility, ice cube trays have moved away from the traditional cubed ice cube formation (although these are still readily available) and into the realms of anything goes. You can find trays that offer hearts, Lego bricks, stars, spheres and even a wide range of specialist shapes if you are looking for something different, such as individual Death Star moulds, Doctor Who Tardis and Dalek moulds, skeleton teeth and skulls for Halloween and a range of Christmas shapes.

One of the best features of silicone ice cube trays might well be that you're not limited to making ice cubes; the moulds are completely food safe and serve just as well for moulding chocolate and candies so double up as a great baking accessory.

Re-usable Ice Cubes

Made from food-safe synthetic materials, reusable ice cubes are prefilled with water or food safe cooling gel and can be frozen repeatedly. The advantage is that they keep your drink cool for longer and don't melt so there is no unnecessary dilution of your beverage. They come in lots of fun shapes and colors too so can be a great choice for parties and special occasions.

Ice Cube Bags

Ice cube bags are the disposable option for making large quantities of ice cubes. Made from food grade, freezer safe plastic, the bags are simply filled with water and sealed before being placed in the freezer. A great option if you need a lot of ice cubes to be ready all at once.