Ice Cream Trucks

Ice Cream Truck Collectibles

Some of you may have experienced the simple joy of running to the ice cream truck and choosing your favorite treat as children. Today, ice cream trucks are not as commonplace as they once were in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Nevertheless, ice cream trucks still remain a part of pop culture, and you can find used and new collectible ice cream trucks and paraphernalia.

Which ice cream trucks are collectible?

Ice cream truck collectibles are categorized by name brand, scale size, and materials. Usually older, vintage ice cream truck models are more expensive than newer ones. Similarly, availability of the model also determines the value of the collectible. A rare collectible that’s harder to find will be more costly than a reasonably priced collectible that’s fairly easy to find. So, you will find several types of ice cream trucks for sale complete with ice cream truck music. Some ice cream truck songs are rarer than others. The following are some of the models most coveted by collectors:

  • 1953 Chevrolet - This is a Danbury Good Humor die-cast ice cream vehicle. Additionally, another Good Humor ice cream model to look for is the 1965 Ford F-100 truck collectible that features a 1:18 scale.
  • Road Champs Chevrolet - Another Good Humor collectible is this 20-year-old white ice cream model.
  • GMC Schwan's ice cream model - The food delivery truck bank is lighted with a key by DG Productions.
  • 1975 Jeep DJ-5 - This ice cream collectible is the Greenlight die-cast at a scale of 1:64.
  • Non-branded collectibles - Non-branded ice cream truck collectibles are those ones that aren't necessarily based on real ice cream trucks. Rather they are just created for fun by the manufacturers of the models. The Generation collectible features a sweet stop pink ice cream vehicle, for instance. A similar collectible is the Le Max ice cream truck carnival Americana summer village NIB. The Hot Wheels '83 Chevy Silverado custom ice cream Truck RR and the 2019 Hot Wheels Deadpool ice cream collectible Real Rider are others.
Ice cream truck memorabilia

Besides toy models, there are a number of other memorabilia available. You can find vintage ice cream advertising stickers as well as ice cream menus. Music boxes can also be found, and you can also get bells for older models.

What to consider when buying used ice cream trucks

While you can find some new ice cream trucks on the market, many will be used. You can expect some preowned ice cream trucks to have some nicks, dents, and other signs of wear unless they have been kept in mint condition. The older the trucks are and the rarer they are, the more you can expect them to cost.