Ibanez is a guitar manufacturer that produces a broad range of guitars for many types of playing situations. They are often known as the instrument provider for guitarists and players such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. There are many models to consider when shopping for an Ibanez guitar and a variety of pickup and design options to consider.

In what ways do Ibanez guitars differ?

Ibanez produces products in a broad range of different types. For example, they create six and seven-string electric guitar models. A seven-string electric guitar provides a more in-depth sound than six-string types. However, you can also find hollow, semi-hollow, and solid Ibanez models. Hollow types usually have more resonance than solid types because the interior creates an echo chamber for your music.

Other options to consider include the size of the Ibanez guitar you want to purchase. These include full size and three-quarter sizes. There are also many color options from which you can choose for your Ibanez, including the following:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red
  • Sunburst
  • White
What types of guitar equipment are available from Ibanez?

The full range of the Ibanez series of guitars is quite vast. Each series is typically sorted into a few different series categories, such as:

  • Electric guitars – These types must be plugged into an amplifier to create distorted guitar sounds.
  • Bass guitars – Those who want to play an Ibanez bass need to make sure that they adjust their pickup settings to ensure that they get their desired sound.
  • Acoustic guitars – These type of guitars are portable and don't require electricity to play. Some may even be made out of strong wood like mahogany.
  • Guitar bodies – You may want to buy a body on which you can build the rest of your guitar. In this way, you can create a personalized model. This step requires purchasing an appropriate neck.
  • Acoustic-Electric guitars – This is an option for those who want a guitar with both an acoustic and electric sound. They can plug into an amp or be played without one.
What kinds of strings can be integrated on an Ibanez?

Strings for an Ibanez will vary depending on the type of instrument purchased. For example, nylon string creates a softer tone that is typically used for classical or folk music. Steel strings are stronger and create the louder and more stinging sounds typical in a variety of different rock, funk, and country genres.

Most electric guitar types will use steel strings to create distorted and non-distorted sounds. However, even non-electric types can use steel strings. Make sure to check the gauge of each string when installing them to ensure that you place them properly on the neck. Thicker strings create deeper sounds and sound be placed lower on the body.

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