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Protecting Your Home With a Wireless Hidden IP Camera

Whether you've experienced a break-in or you fear the worst, home security is on many people's minds. While you may have a concern about your laptops, tablets, TV, jewelry, and other valuables, the safety of your family can also cause a lot of stress. If you want a simple addition that substantially adds to your home's security, eBay has plenty of wireless hidden IP cameras for you.

Where can you place wireless hidden IP cameras?

One convenient aspect of wireless hidden IP cameras is that you can place them nearly anywhere you need audio and video surveillance. You can monitor the different rooms and entrances to your house without making it obvious to every visitor. These devices are so small that they can blend seamlessly with your established decor. If you're looking to deter criminals, then you can also display them outside your home prominently. They can also help if you want to watch for deliveries or guests as they arrive.

What different kinds of wireless hidden IP cameras are there?

There are several different types to suit your lifestyle. Many are small enough to fit in your hand and light enough to mount everywhere. Some also function as light bulbs, allowing you to hide a camera in plain sight. Some cameras have a night vision feature, which is useful for round-the-clock surveillance. While these small cameras can be powerful tools, not all of them are suitable for the outdoors. Be sure to look for the right lens type so that the entire area has a cover with no blind spots.

What are some key features of wireless hidden IP cameras?

All the helpful features of wireless hidden IP cameras may give the impression that they are hard to use and install, but you can install these devices and use them with relatively little effort. Though they are small, many also have a panoramic view and allow for mobile phone viewing. Here are some other features to look for and consider:

  • Full HD:Catch every detail every minute of the day.
  • Motion sensors:If the camera detects activity, you can have alerts sent right to your phone.
  • 2-way audio:This one allows you to speak with your family or guests even if you're not at home with mobile support.
  • Micro SD card support:Easily and conveniently store as much footage as you like.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity:Allows you to quickly set up the device and view live footage.
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