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How Has Hyundai Enjoyed Many Successful Years?

Marketed as an affordable, mid-range vehicle, Hyundai cars have had much success, especially in the United States. The company has even retooled their brand over the years to improve quality, bringing the company awards and accolades for their high-performing yet affordable vehicle models.

What are some facts about Hyundai?

Launched in South Korea, the Hyundai company was striving for success from the get-go. As with many other Asian companies, cars aren't the only things on the Hyundai radar, and the profitable company has its hand in multiple industries today.

  • Hyundai isn't just known for manufacturing cars. The company also makes ships, power plants, and oil rigs. Their first foray into the vehicle industry happened in 1986, with the Hyundai Excel model.
  • Hyundai is the eighth-largest car manufacturer in the world.
  • In 2004 Hyundai was ranked second-highest in quality, coming in after Honda for worldwide standards by J.D. Power.
  • The most expensive, luxurious Hyundai vehicle is the Equus, which is driven by the Korean president, Lee Myung-Bak. Of course, it has been custom outfitted with bulletproof glass.
  • The name of the company Hyundai comes from the Korean word for "modernity".
  • The Hyundai company today is a heavyweight, with annual profits of over $90 billion and hundreds of thousands of employees. The company is active in producing electronics, chemicals, construction, and shipbuilding.

What are some well-known Hyundai models?

Known for their compact cars, from the beginning, Hyundai was a success. Their first vehicle, the Excel, was a top seller in 31 states, making it even more impressive. In 1989 the company released the Sonata, which is its longest-running car to date. The car has evolved over the years, offering consumers even more features, including a hybrid version. Other noteworthy Hyundai models include the crossover SUV Santa Fe, which was the brand's first SUV and proved to be a popular model. Their version of the luxury car is the Genesis, released in 2008, and other compact vehicle models include the Accent, Veloster, and Elantra. The company also offers multiple hybrid models.

What are some standout Hyundai features?

Hyundai doesn't miss a detail when it comes to impressive features, even in their smallest compact vehicles. There are different model types of all the most popular vehicles that offer an array of features, such as six Elantras to choose from. Some of the features to consider include Bluetooth compatibility for hands-free phone conversations, a touch screen display that makes it easy to install Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. You can also choose from features like an automatic sunroof, an EcoShift dual clutch, and sleek leather interiors. SiriusXM satellite radio brings superior sounds to your vehicle.

What safety features does Hyundai offer?

Foremost on Hyundai's mind is safety, and with features like Blind Spot Detection and Lane Change Assist, it's easy to see what's going on around you as you navigate the roads. A rearview camera keeps you abreast of what's behind you and how close you are to other cars, and Lane Departure Warning helps to avoid accidents. Keep your car stable with Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control to minimize skids. Hyundai vehicles are award-winning when it comes to safety, and in 2016 five of the brand's cars were honored with the highest safety ratings.