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Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

The Basics of Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

A hydraulic hose crimper is a tool that is used for fitting hoses onto pipes, machines, and other types of devices. It uses a pump system and a variety of other hydraulic elements to create a tight grip on your hoses. Before buying one, take a minute to examine the features and options that are available to you on eBay.

What system do these crimpers use?

A hydraulic hose crimper uses a pump that creates a tight seal that crimps the end of a hose. These systems often work in a variety of different ways. For example, some units have a simple handle that you move to tighten or loosen the hydraulic hose crimper. Others will use an electronic handheld control to increase or decrease the pressure on the unit. These types are more complex and often not as portable as those with a handle. More complicated models possess other kinds of features, such as pressure gauges and control switches.

How do these items differ in design?

There are many differences in design among hydraulic crimpers. Typically, these design differences include the volume they can handle and how they operate. Just a few of the most common types youll find on eBay include:

  • Portable devices: These items use a handle to pump air into the system. They are less powerful than other types of hydraulic hose crimpers, but work well for most types of low-volume jobs.
  • Bench-mounted crimpers: Those who need a more powerful crimper can try out these larger models. They are mounted to a table or bench and use a higher concentration of hydraulic power to manage higher-volume production runs.
  • Production crimpers: Anyone who runs a factory that needs hose crimping should consider these tools. They are capable of handling bulk orders very quickly and can often crimp more than one hose during each squeeze.
  • Manual crimpers: This variety uses a small handle or a series of grips to produce its hydraulic pumping action.
  • Automatic crimpers: High-volume crimping likely needs this type of hydraulic hose crimper. They can press a large number of tubes using pre-set programming instructions. As a result, this type of device can be left alone to handle production without a lot of interference and monitoring.
What considerations should you make before getting a crimper?

Before buying a new or used hydraulic hose crimper for your hose fitting, it is important to consider questions such as the size of the hose, the type of wire you are using, and whether you want a hand-controlled or automatic unit. After these considerations, take a look at the durability of the product, including the type of materials that were used in its design and manufacture.