Hunting Tactical Bulletproof Backpacks

Help Keep Your Children Safe in School With a Bulletproof Backpack

Bulletproof backpacks provide one way to help protect your children at school if they are ever in danger. eBay offers affordable new bulletproof backpacks in various styles and colors. Heres a look at some features of these light-armor backpacks.

How effective are bulletproof backpacks?

Most bulletproof backpacks and backpack inserts are designed to provide enough protection to stop virtually all types of handgun rounds.

What body armor ratings mean

Body armor is rated by the National Institute of Justice according to its own special system, and every bulletproof backpack receives one of these ratings. Here are the ratings and what they mean:

  • Level IIA: This is the lowest level of protection for the most lightweight backpacks.
  • Level II: This level is intended to stop most handgun rounds traveling at up to 1,430 feet per second, like .45 and .357 magnum rounds.
  • Level IIIA: This level is designed to be powerful enough to stop rounds traveling at up to 1,340 feet per second from most handguns, including .44 and .357 magnums, 9-millimeter submachine guns, or even gauge shotguns
  • Level III: This level is intended to stop rifle bullets traveling at up to 2,780 feet per second and powerful enough to stop a round from an AK-47.
  • Level IV: This level includes the most protective backpacks that are designed to stop armor-piercing rifle bullets traveling at a velocity of up to 2,880 feet per second.
Bulletproof inserts to protect regular backpacks

If youd rather not purchase an entire bulletproof backpack, you can opt to buy bulletproof inserts for a standard backpack. Such inserts are meant to be stuffed into a backpack along the rim of the interior to give maximal protection. Inserts are available for sale in a range of sizes, such as 6 by 6 inches, 6 by 8 inches, 8 by 10 inches, 10 by 12 inches, 11 by 14 inches and 10 1/2 by 17 inches. See the manufacturer site for details. Match the inserts size as closely as possible with that of the backpack you intend to use it with, as the insert needs to fit snugly and remain more or less in place to provide the greatest amount of protection possible.