Stay Hidden in a Hunting Blind

When you're out looking for your catch, it's critical that you spot the animal before it can react to your presence. Using a hunting blind can help you be in the right position at the right time. On eBay, you'll find a variety of styles in new and used condition.

Types of hunting blinds

You'll want to get a blind that will work for you. Ask yourself whether you'll be willing to carry a heavy item and take the time to set up a stronger blind. The types include:

  • Frame blinds: These are going to be somewhat heavier than other kinds, but the trade-off is that they'll be sturdier. Often made out of metal or fiberglass, these eBay hunting blinds can withstand wind fairly well. Set-up and take-down can be expected to last at least a few minutes. Since they can be broken down into smaller pieces, they are portable.
  • Pop-up blinds: These are lightweight, so they'll need to be staked down. Made out of spring steel, they'll be able to be twisted and/or rolled into a compact shape to make it easier to hike with them. Set-up is almost instantaneous, as the frame can be released from its ties to immediately form into a structure. These types of used hunting blinds for sale are generally more affordable than other types.
  • Blinds for tree stands: If you have a perch set up, you'll want to be covered while you're up there. Several different brands make tree stands and deer hunting blinds so you can stay hidden while having a higher position.
How big should a blind be?

This question can be answered depending on your expected hunting situation. If you're going to hunt by yourself, something small is fine. If you ever want to bring along a buddy, you'll need a two-person blind, which generally measures 60 inches by 60 inches. These larger hunting blinds for sale are also a good idea even if it's just you. You'll have room to maneuver and move around without being detected.

Other features of hunting blinds

As you consider which new or used hunting blind to purchase, keep in mind:

  • View: You'll want at least a 180-degree view. They could go up to 270 degrees, and multiple windows are helpful to track animals.
  • Camo pattern: The type of pattern you get should match your area, whether it's grassy, wooded, or swampy. On the inside of the blind, you'll want a dark interior.
  • Height: If you're someone who frequently has to stretch your legs, you may want a taller stand with over 60 inches in standing height.