Organise Your Hunting Equipment Using Cartridge Bags

A shooting cartridge bag offers you a convenient way to carry new or spent shells with you to keep your things in order and leave the woodlands just how you found them. You can take a look at a nice selection of new and second-hand cartridge bags for sale at reasonable prices on eBay. The types and features of the hunting bags you find can help you determine which models meet your needs.

Design elements of cartridge bags

Most of the bags you find will have some features in common from one model to the next, but some versions feature designs, accents, or features that give them appeal that you might find interesting or useful. Here are just some of the elements you can choose for your synthetic or leather cartridge bags:

  • Extra space - If you like to store additional hunting accessories in a convenient place, you can get a cartridge bag made specifically for a shotgun. Many of these bags have spaces on the outside for shells and a lot of room on the inside for other things.
  • Buckles - Some shooting cartridge bags use flaps that you can flip up or down when necessary. However, you can also choose a bag that has buckles and straps that can secure the opening.
  • Slips - If you like your accessories to match, you can get a gun slip and cartridge bag set. They're often available in matching designs.
Choosing materials for your cartridge bag

These bags are available in different materials to accommodate your visual tastes or what you need to do in the field. In some cases, you can expand your options for storage bags by taking a look at all the patterns or colors in each material. If you prefer to have a lightweight item that can come in many bright color palettes or unique designs, you may want to look into a bag made of canvas. If you prefer a classic look, you might be interested in the selection of affordable leather cartridge bags on eBay. Either option will store your shells, cartridges, and other items with ease; it's up to you to decide what works best for your needs.

How can you carry your cartridge bag?

You may have different ways you want to carry your shooting cartridge bag based on what else you might have with you or you might like different positions according to what feels right to you. The common carry options for these bags are:

  • Shoulder - A long strap lets you carry your cartridge bag over your shoulder, and you can switch it to the rear when necessary.
  • Belt - Some bags have attachments that can work with your hunting belt.