What to Look for When Shopping for Stamps From Hungary

If you are a philatelist interested in a unique category of stamps to collect, consider Hungary stamps, also called Magyarorszag postage stamps. Many contain gold leaf, making them stunning to collect, while others feature famous leaders. You can find thousands of great examples for sale on eBay.

Types of Hungarian stamps

There are many different types of antique and vintage Hungarian stamps, including:

  • Austro-Hungarian stamps: These stamps were printed between 1867 and 1871, with most being printed in Austria.
  • Franz Josef stamps: These stamps printed between 1871 and 1874 come in many varieties, but they all bear the likeness of Emperor Franz Josef.
  • Numeral-issued stamps: Fourteen different sets of stamps printed from 1874 to 1890.
  • Turul stamps: Seven different sets of stamps with 120 unique stamps printed from 1900 to 1916.
  • Occupation Series stamps: Ten series of stamps containing several hundred different stamps that were printed in 1919.
What determines Hungarian stamp values?

When you are shopping for Hungarian stamps for sale on eBay, many factors can determine their value, including:

  • Age: Generally, the further back in history the first run was printed, the more valuable the stamp.
  • Mistakes: Stamps where the printer made a mistake on a limited number of stamps are usually more valuable.
  • Centering: Stamps with equal margins are usually given a premium.
  • Condition: Stamps with faded colors, torn, and missing perforations are usually less expensive.
  • Gum: The condition of the gum on the back of the stamp also affects value.
  • Printing quantity: The fewer stamps that were created, the more valuable they may be .
What are some overprinted Hungarian stamps?

Many different local municipalities overprinted stamps during World War I. These stamps were created from an original Hungarian stamp, and they had special ink applied to them. They were for use only within their country or origin. Some examples include:

  • Ada: These stamps are overprinted in black ink. They feature the Siberian coat of arms consisting of a double-breasted eagle with a white cross on a pedestal in the background.
  • Zombor: These stamps are overprinted in a reddish-black or black ink. They look very similar to those from Ada. The coat of arms is bigger. Most of these used Hungarian stamps appear on mail bearing the mark of a Siberian censor.
  • Pancsova: These stamps are overprinted with the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serb's circular coat of arms.
  • Bacsszenttamas: These stamps were overprinted for the visit of Serbian Crown Prince Alexander to Hungary. They are printed in purple.
  • Lendvavasarheley: These overprints bear the letters SHS. The overprint is blue-green.