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Everything You Need to Know About Goebel Hummel Figurines

One of the most collected figurines in the world is the famous Goebel figurines known as Hummels. Hummel figurines are known for featuring adorable kids doing a variety of activities. You can search eBay for Hummels to add to your growing collection.

How Hummel figurines are made

Every Hummel figurine is given individual attention when it is made. They are each handpainted and handcrafted. The craftsmen go through a three-year apprenticeship program before they are allowed to craft Hummel figurines on their own.

When were Hummel figurines made?

The famous Goebel Hummel began as a series of sketches by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel in the 1930s. They appeared around Switzerland and Germany, catching the attention of a porcelain maker named Franz Goebel. Goebel received the rights to turn Hummel's sketches into porcelain pieces and released the first line in 1935. They began getting worldwide recognition when soldiers in World War II would send them home as souvenirs for their families. Hummel figurines are still made to this day, but it is the vintage Hummel figures that collectors covet the most.

What other Hummel collectible items are there other than figurines?

Goebel did not stop at making figurines. When Hummels gained worldwide acclaim, Goebel decided to create other items that would attract collectors. Some of these other collectible items include:

  • Shadow boxes - These shadow boxes took the Hummel images and made them three-dimensional. They were primarily collected in the 1970s.
  • Plates - The plates were another way to take Hummel's beautiful images and make them really pop. These plates were collected so much that they became prominent on the Bradford Exchange.
  • Swarovski crystal - More recent additions to the Hummel line have included exclusive figurines with Swarovski crystal elements.
  • Ornaments - There are many collectible Hummel ornaments that can be used on your Christmas tree or to hang around your home as decoration.
  • Bookends - There are also Hummel bookends available for those who want complete Hummel decor.
How do you know the value of a Hummel figurine?

Hummels vary greatly in value. A Hummel's value is based on its age, the number of collectibles that were made, and how much collectors covet that figure. While some Hummels only sell for a few dollars, others are worth thousands. It is good to check sites such as eBay to see what is out there so you can decide which ones you want to add to your collection.

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