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Keep Your Tobacco Products Stored Properly in a Humidor Cabinet

When you have a collection of tobacco products you need to care for, a humidor can provide you with an organized way to store your tobacco items, keeping the conditions just right. Humidors come in a variety of sizes, and you can place them under the counter, in a closet, or on a table for display.

What ways can you alter the humidor?s humidity?

A basic way to add moisture to the environment is by adding a sponge that has been soaked in distilled water. You could also use:

  • Floral foam: These hold water and release it gradually.
  • Crystal gel: These also allow you to release water into the humidifier slowly.
  • Silica beads: To be used in a hot and humid locale, these beads can absorb some of that moisture.
  • Humidipaks: These are versatile and can be set up to maintain a certain level of moisture.
Are there electronic versions?

Some models come with electrical components that work to control the moisture levels. You can set these to a specific humidity percentage, add distilled water to the reservoir, and let the unit do the rest. It cycles on and off depending on whether the ventilator needs to be blowing moist air into the humidor.

What are some factors to consider when looking at humidors?

The storage options range from basic to more complex. You can think about:

  • Digital versus analog hygrometer: Either one is straightforward to read, so it depends on your personal preference.
  • Temperature control: It's recommended that you keep items at about 70 degrees. If you have built-in temperature control, this is simple to do. If you don't have a heater or cooler in your humidor box, you may have to fiddle with the temperature of your room or move your cabinet to a different location.
  • Interior materials: Cedar is a common material used in the interior lining and for shelving. Cedar can help repel pests, and it also can absorb moisture and slowly release it within the box.
  • Display: Some models may have a glass or otherwise transparent front panel so that you can see your collection on display.
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