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Toyota Yaris Hub Caps

Whether you are in search of the perfect hubcap for visual appeal for your Toyota Yaris or just searching for something to protect your bearings, brakes, and wheels, there are many different styles of hubcaps to choose from. In fact, a new set of hubcaps is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your Yaris. They also help maintain your Toyota vehicle and prevent against rust and corrosion.

How do hubcaps stay attached to your Yaris?

It is imperative that hubcaps stay attached. The way in which a hubcap attaches to your model sedan usually depends on what it is made of or simply its design. Plastic hubcaps usually use clips or retention springs to engage grooves in order to stay on. In general, metal hubcaps have a bolt-on retention system with a washer and a lug nut that holds them in place.

What styles of hubcaps are there for the Toyota Yaris?

If you own a Toyota Yaris, you have many options when it comes to hubcap styles. Common styles for this Toyota vehicle include the following:

  • Dog dish style: These hubcaps got their name because if they are turned upside down, they could easily be used as a dog dish. They generally cover about 10-15 inches of the center portion of the tire.
  • Center caps: These cover only the very center and are typically used with alloy wheels.
  • Spoke style: Featuring spokes usually in numbers of between four and six, these hubcaps are a frequently used style.
  • Non-rotating cap: A non-rotating hubcap keeps its upright position even when the tires are in motion. The centers of the non-rotating hubcap are weighted and mounted in a special way in order to revolve separately from the wheel. This design is used for owners who want to have their car's logo or some kind of advertisement on the hubcap so it can be read while the Toyota vehicle is moving.
How do you know what size hubcaps you need?

It is important that you purchase the correct size hubcaps. If you do not, they will not stay in place securely or look right. Do not measure the hubcap itself. Instead, look at the side of your tire for a 9-digit number, such as P215/70R16. The last digit represents the size tire in inches that you need. For this example, you would need 16-inch hubcaps. The Yaris typically requires 15-inch hubcaps.

Do you need a special tool to install hubcaps?

Although you can use a special hubcap tool if you want to, you do not need one to install a hubcap on a Toyota Yaris. With plastic hubcaps, you can simply use your hands to snap them into place. For metal hubcaps, you will need a wrench for the lug nuts.