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Hubcaps for Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna owners take pride in how their vehicles look as well as in caring for their rides. Placing quality hubcaps on your Sienna will help you maintain the wheel hub and refresh the look of your vehicle. There are many different options of this product for Toyota Sienna vehicles.

What factors should you consider when shopping for vehicle hubcaps?

When shopping for Toyota Sienna caps, also known as wheel covers, there are several factors you should take into consideration to help you purchase the right product for your vehicle. These considerations include:

  • Brand: Decide if you want OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket products. If you want covers that feature the Toyota logo, you will need to purchase OEM caps.
  • Sizing: The most common size for the Toyota Sienna is 15 or 16 inches. You will need to look at your tires to be sure. There is a number with several digits located on the outer portion of your vehicle tire. The last number listed is the tire size you need. For instance, if you see P175/65/R15, you would need 15-inch covers. Getting the right size is important because the correct size will fit properly and stay secure on your wheel.
  • Material: Most caps are made of metal, plastic, or alloy. No matter what material you choose, all of them resist rust and corrosion and will protect your bearings, brakes, and wheels from road debris and dents.
  • Design: Wheel covers for the Toyota Sienna feature many different designs. Some have five spokes while others feature six spokes. Still others have "V" shapes around the middle or in the center. Decide on one that suits your personal preference.
  • Finish: Another factor based on personal preference is the finish of your wheel covers. You may prefer the shiny look of chrome or a more sophisticated matte finish.
What are non-rotating hubcaps for this minivan?

Another option for your Toyota Sienna wheel covers is non-rotating caps. Non-rotating covers have a center that stays in one place while allowing the wheel and tire to rotate. This type of hubcap is good if you have a style that looks better in an upright position, such as ones featuring emblems.

What should you use to clean your Toyota Sienna hubcaps?

You should clean your minivan caps frequently in order to keep them looking good and functioning correctly. You can use an auto washing detergent and warm water. Using a hose with a spray nozzle attachment will help loosen any stuck-on debris or mud. With most wheel covers, you can clean them thoroughly without removing them.