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Toyota Corolla Hubcaps

The primary purpose of your car's hubcaps is to protect the hub, or center area, of your wheel. The hubcap shields your lug nuts from rain, snow, mud, and other substances, reducing the likelihood of rust and corrosion. This, in turn, helps ensure easy tire changes and maximum tire performance over the life of your car.

How do you determine hubcap size for a Toyota Corolla?

Hubcap size is related to the tire size on your particular car. To determine what size hubcap you need for your Toyota Corolla, take a close look at one of your tires. On the side of the tire, you'll find a series of numbers. The last number in the series indicates what size hubcap your car requires. For example, a series ending in R14 indicates you need a 14-inch hubcap. A series ending in R15 indicates the need for a 15-inch hubcap.

How do you install wheel covers on a Toyota Corolla?

Changing your wheel covers requires little time and effort. You'll need a pair of work gloves and a flat-head screwdriver to remove your old wheel covers and install new ones.

  1. Wearing your work gloves, insert the screwdriver between the edge of your old wheel cover and the wheel itself. Apply pressure to the handle of the screwdriver, working it back and forth to pop off the old cover.
  2. Remove your new wheel cover from the box. Attach the retention ring to the wheel cover. Be careful to line up the retention ring groove with the corresponding valve stem slot in the new wheel cover.
  3. Position the wheel cover against the wheel, taking care to align the valve stem opening with your tire's valve stem. Pressing the middle of the wheel cover with one hand, use your other hand to firmly pound the cover into place.
  4. Pull on the cover to ensure it has been installed securely.
  5. Repeat the process with your remaining wheel covers.
What are Toyota hubcaps made of?

Most hubcaps are made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic, commonly referred to as ABS. ABS plastic is valued for its high rigidity and strength. Lightweight but durable, ABS plastic hubcaps are highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and breakage. They hold up well despite tough driving conditions, including repeated exposure to heat, cold, salt, and chemicals.

Can you paint your Toyota's plastic hub caps?

Hubcaps constructed from ABS plastic can be painted or coated in chrome plating. As a result, you can alter the look of your Toyota hubcaps, getting the look you want.