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Nissan Sentra Hubcaps

Nissan Sentra hubcaps and wheel covers are available in a variety of styles and materials, like chrome or plastic, depending on the year of the car. Utilizing accessories, like wheel bands, can help to protect hubcaps. Cleaning hubcaps regularly can also increase their functionality and longevity.

What styles of Nissan Sentra hubcaps are available?

Hubcaps protect the center of the wheel and prevent debris from getting caught or stuck in the middle. Beyond serving this purpose, Nissan Sentra hubcaps are largely decorative. Different styles exist to appeal to different aesthetic tastes. Most Nissan Sentra caps are made from metal. All are round on the outside; some include cutouts and bolts in the shape of a pentagon in the center while others use a single, larger bolt in the center. Some styles utilize fewer or more bolts than five.

What materials are hubcaps made from?

Nissan Sentra hubcaps are made almost exclusively from different kinds of metal though some are comprised of plastic. Choices like aluminum are lightweight and not prone to rust. These parts are routinely exposed to elements like mud, water, snow, and rocks, which means they need to be as durable as possible. Their relatively light weight keeps them from pulling down on the vehicle. Some hubcap models may include elements of both plastic and metal. Even if the caps themselves are plastic, they are typically bolted to the wheels with metal hardware for stability and security.

What are wheel bands?

Wheel bands are decorative pieces of cording that run around the outside of the hubcap. Nissan Sentra bands come in a variety of different colors like blue, purple, and black. These bands are made in different diameters to accommodate caps with certain widths. Functionally, they reduce the risk of scuffing from curbs when parking. Typically, the bands are formed into an arc shape so that the outside face is rounded, providing cushion. Bands are applied to hubcaps with a special kind of tape adhesive and can be done by owners if a replacement is needed.

How do you clean hubcaps?

Nissan Sentra hubcaps or wheel covers are typically cleaned during routine car washing whether automatic or manual. Between washes, utilize a soft sponge dipped in a mixture of warm water and soap to wipe away dirt, mud, and grime. Particularly if you live in an area that experiences snow, taking time to wipe salt away from Nissan Sentra hubcaps can increase their longevity. After hubcaps are clean, dry them with another soft cloth. Feel free to utilize polish or wax on hubcaps in order to condition them.