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Nissan Altima Hubcaps

Nissan Altima hubcaps come in all different silhouettes. Hubcaps protect the spokes of a wheel from jamming due to debris. Wheel bands are accessories available for preventing scuffing or damage to hubcaps.

What styles of Nissan hubcaps are available?

Nissan hubcaps come in all different styles and silhouettes. All are round on the outside to accommodate tires, but display different patterns and shapes inside the outline. Some Nissan designs have five thick arms reaching out from the middle, similar to a star. The centers of hubcaps typically have multiple bolts to hold the cap, tire, and wheel together. Some models have five bolts while others have four. Other silhouettes include lots of little spoke-like metal rods connecting the center of the cap to the outside, and sometimes these spokes make diamond designs due to the crossing. Still other silhouettes feature curved lines outlining a star-like design to create the illusion of movement even in a stationary position.

What is the function of a hubcap?

Nissan hubcaps protect the spokes of a car’s wheel so that no debris gets stuck in them or damages them. The wheel needs to remain intact in order to turn so that the vehicle moves. Without them, a car risks many more accidents due to rocks, sticks, trash, and debris.

What materials are hubcaps made from?

Nissan hubcaps used to be made from heavy metals like steel. Over the past several decades, materials have advanced to lighter metals like carbon fiber and aluminum along with treated plastic textiles that are more durable than they were years ago. Treating plastics with rapid heating and cooling or combining them with other materials to create hybrids broadens the possibilities for hubcap design.

How do you care for hubcaps?

Hubcaps can be washed as part of the routine cleaning process for a Nissan Altima. If you choose to wash your hubcaps manually, you can use warm water and detergent as a solution applied to a sponge. Wash them thoroughly so that all of the edges and grooves are free of dirt, mud, and debris. Once they are clean, rinse hubcaps with clean water. You can also dry them with a soft cloth. Dry them thoroughly to avoid any rusting or damage.

What sorts of hubcap accessories are available?

Nissan wheel bands are available to apply to the outside edges of hubcaps as a buffer between the vehicle and any curbs, asphalt, or objects that the car might be parked close to. The bands are flush enough that they spare the car from being scratched or damaged. Wheel bands are available in lots of different colors and can be mixed and matched to achieve an even more individualized effect.