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Hub Caps for Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis was the last official vehicle from the division that was manufactured in January 2011. The full-sized Grand Marquis was the automaker's version of Ford's Crown Victoria, which was made and sold between 1975 to 2011. Grand Marquis owners may shop for hub caps, wheel covers, or other variations of rim protection depending on rim measurement, model year, and level of trim.

Are there bolt-on hub caps for Mercury Grand Marquis?

Owners may choose bolt-on hub caps for their Mercury Grand Marquis depending on the type of wheels rims and lug nuts on the vehicle. Lug nuts should be threaded to accommodate bolt-on hub caps or wheel covers. Depending on year and trim, the vehicle has 15-inch, 16-inch, or 17-inch wheels. Lugs and bolt patterns should match the bolt-on wheel cover's specifications. Bolt-on covers may be used with aluminum alloy wheel types or wheels rims.

Are there Mercury Grand Marquis wheel covers?

Wheel skins and wheel covers refer to a type of hub cap that may provide owners with a more customized look for your Grand Marquis. The Mercury Grand Marquis wheel cover may be made of aluminum or plastic that is coated with weather- and scratch-resistant material that can duplicate chrome or brushed metal, or it can be painted flat or gloss white or black.

Are there replica Mercury Grand Marquis hub caps?

Restoration projects of older Mercury Grand Marquis vehicles, no matter what mileage the cars may have, will call for installation of replica, refurbished, New Old Stock, or original/recovered Marquis hub caps. A number of aftermarket manufacturers make covers suitable for restoration projects that feature the older Mercury logo or the newer "waterfall" style logo and original stock appearance from a variety of Grand Marquis years, models, and trims.

Are there wheel center caps for Mercury Grand Marquis?

Hub caps are intended to protect rims from damage due to mud, water, dirt, and debris as well as to provide decorative styling or trim appearance reflecting the owner's tastes. An alternative to complete Mercury Grand Marquis wheel covers or hub caps, center caps protect the hub from damage while leaving most of the rim visible. Owners may choose from the "waterfall" logo caps or retro-winged logo caps. Plain silver, chrome, black, and brushed metal center caps and hub covers are also options.

Are there snap-on wheel covers for the Grand Marquis?

Many models and trims of the Grand Marquis are sold with a variety of snap-on hub caps and wheel covers. You may choose from OEM caps and covers that snap to their model, year, and trim style of Mercury Marquis, including Mercury Grand Marquis LS, Mercury Grand Marquis GS, 1997-2002 Mercury Grand Marquis rims, and more. You should measure rims without the hub cap in place to determine whether or not replacement covers will fit your car and rims.