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Mazda 6 Hub Caps

Mazda 6 hubcaps are made of high-density, high-impact, durable plastic. They serve to protect the bearings and lug nuts on your vehicle’s wheels, and they also add to the overall attractiveness of your vehicle.

How is a hubcap different from other wheel parts?

These terms are often used interchangeably but technically refer to different parts of your Mazda. Here is a quick guide that explains the different features and uses of these products.

  • Hubcaps are coverings intended to protect the centerpiece of the wheel bearings and lug nuts.
  • Wheel covers extends outward and protects the entire surface of the wheel, including the wheel bearings and lug nuts.
  • Center caps are simply smaller hubcaps intended to cover and protect only the very center bearings.
  • Wheel skins were designed as a way to dress-up plain Mazda alloy wheels, which lack the features to accommodate a hubcap.
How is a hubcap sized for the Mazda 6?

A Mazda 6 hubcap comes in standard tire sizes. A 14-inch tire takes a 14-inch hubcap. A 15-inch takes a 15-inch hubcap, and so forth. Check the size of your tires to determine the size of the hubcaps you will need. On every tire, you can find a series of letters and numbers. The size of the tire is indicated by the number that appears after the letter R in this series. For example, if the series reads P215/65 R15, then your tire size is 15 inches.

Is a hubcap tool necessary for hubcap installation?

The term hubcap tool usually refers to a rubber mallet, which was once needed to force metal hubcaps on. However, plastic Mazda 6 hubcaps are easily installed by hand. A certain style of hubcap called a locking hubcap does require a tool, called a key, to install and remove. The key, along with the locking hubcap, is usually supplied by the automotive manufacturer.

What is the difference between professional grade and consumer grade?
  • Consumer grade wheel covers are made from low-cost, usually recycled plastic.
  • Professional grade Mazda wheel covers, whether from the original automotive manufacturer or a third-party vendor, are constructed of flexible, high-impact plastic with a base-coat/clear-coat finish for extended durability.
How do you avoid losing your car’s wheel covers?
  • First, make sure that the hubcaps or wheel covers are evenly and snugly fitted all the way around. Uneven installation is the number one reason for lost covers.
  • Be careful not to bump curbs. This is the second most common reason for lost covers.