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Hub Caps for Kia Soul

Hubcaps, sometimes called wheel covers, not only protect your tires, brakes, and bearings, but they also help your Kia Soul look its best. With quality hubcaps for the Kia Soul or Kia Soul EV model, you can be assured that your car is protected, and you can also give your vehicle a unique look.

What size hubcaps do you need for a Kia Soul?

When shopping for new hubcaps for your Soul, it is important to select the right size. If you accidentally buy the wrong size, your hubcaps may not fit correctly, look good, or provide the protection they should. They may even fall off. To find out what size hubcaps your vehicle requires, you do not need to measure your wheels, rims, or tires. You simply need to look at your tires. You will find a number there, such as P175/65/R16. The last digits after the R represent the size of the hubcap you need to buy in inches. For this example, you would need a 16-inch hubcap. The most common sizes of hubcaps for the Kia Soul are 15-inch and 16-inch.

What are Kia Soul hubcaps made of?

Wheel covers for your Kia Soul come in either plastic or metal material. Plastic hubcaps are attached with spring-loaded clips and are easy to install. They are also lightweight. Metal hubcaps are durable and long-lasting. They attach with lug nuts.

How do you change out your hubcaps?

Changing your hubcaps is one of the easiest things you can do to improve the look of your Kia vehicle. It is also fairly easy to do. Follow these steps to change out your hubcaps on your own:

  1. Make sure you vehicle is on level ground and apply the emergency brake.
  2. Remove all hubcaps. If your old hubcaps are attached with lug nuts, you will need a lug wrench to remove them. If they are plastic, you will need a flathead screwdriver to pop the edges off.
  3. Place the new hubcaps on your wheels. Many hubcaps feature a small notch on them where you can line up the valve stem on your tires. Attach them according to the manufacturer instructions. For plastic hubcaps, it is a good idea to tap around the edges to make sure they are securely in place and attached to the wheel.
  4. Take your vehicle for a short test drive near your home in order to be sure all of your hubcaps stay on.
  5. If any come loose or are not in the same position after your test drive, troubleshoot to find out why. You may need to take them off and reapply them to be sure you have done it the correct way.