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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hubcaps

Maintaining your Jeep Grand Cherokee is an important investment of your time and money to improve the life and performance of your vehicle. Although many owners understand the importance of regular engine tune-ups as well as the need to replace parts at different mileages, the exterior features of their vehicle often need to be assessed for wear and tear and potential replacement. Understanding what your options are to replace or upgrade your hubcaps will help you to make a sound decision when you want to equip your SUV with a new accessory.

Are hubcaps just decorative or do they have a function?

While the hubcaps on your truck, car, or SUV can offer a certain look or style to your vehicle's exterior, the Jeep hubcap itself does serve a very important preventative purpose. Beneath the hubcap lies the nuts and bolts that must be loosened to remove the tire in the event of a flat tire. The hubcap on a Grand Cherokee protects those nuts and bolts from the effects of water, road grime, and corrosive de-icing salt used in the winter, thus protecting those nuts and bolts from potentially rusting and becoming difficult or impossible to remove in the event of a flat tire.

What are differences between hubcaps, wheel covers, and center covers?

While all three options offer protection to the wheels of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, they differ in the amount of protection and in their size. Features and differences to consider include:

  • Hubcaps cover the width of the rim but feature spokes that radiate from the center of the Jeep's hubcap.
  • Wheel covers also cover the width of the rim but cover the entire area in one continuous piece. This offers the most protection from flying debris, road grime, and water.
  • Center covers are the smallest of the three units; they cover the hub and the nuts and bolts found underneath at the hub.
How do you measure for Grand Cherokee hubcaps?

The hubcaps that are compatible with your Grand Cherokee's wheels are the same diameter as the wheels themselves. Locate the tire size by referring to your owner's manual or by visually inspecting the numbers on the wheels.

How do you install Jeep hubcaps?

Depending on the style or type of hubcap for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are a variety of different installation methods, including:

  • Hammering into place with a rubber mallet or other padded hammer that will not damage the hubcap.
  • Clipping into place with the plastic clips that come with the hubcap to attach.
  • Bolting into place with the hardware that comes with the hubcap to attach.