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Ford Fusion Hubcaps

Ford Fusion hubcaps are designed to protect the wheel and offer aesthetics to complete the look of your vehicle. Various hubcap designs allow you to choose what you like on your car. Installing hubcaps can be done easily and without the help of a mechanic.

What do hubcaps do?

Hubcaps, commonly referred to as wheel covers, are responsible for snapping into the rim of the wheel. Sometimes they go over the lug nut while other times they go on underneath. Wheel covers will often cover some of the elements of the wheel, including the lug nuts, in some designs. The size of the wheel must be measured to ensure that the hubcap will fit properly. You can also choose hubcaps based on the model of your vehicle. The hubcaps provide various benefits:

  • Appearance: You can choose to customize the look of your car by choosing different hubcaps than what came standard on your vehicle.
  • Protection: The hubcaps will protect the wheel from water and other elements so that nuts and bolts don't become rusted.
What comes with hubcaps?

Hubcaps may be sold separately, which means that you will only get the cap itself. However, some designs will include a few other accessories to complete the overall appearance:

  • Lug nut covers
  • Center caps
  • Set of four hubcaps
What are some of the design options?

There are all sorts of design options found on hubcaps. You can choose what works for your car based on the size of the wheel as well as the elements that you want to see. There may also be several colors incorporated, which is commonly done by painting the enamel.

  • Spokes (there may be anywhere between three and six on a cap)
  • Logo in the center
  • Polished versus brushed finish
  • Unique shapes cut into the hub cap
  • Snap-in versus screw-on design
What materials are available?

Hubcaps may be made from various materials. Identifying the material will help you determine appearance as well as the durability.

  • Plastic: Lightweight but easily scratched
  • Chrome: Heavy weight and capable of being polished or brushed for appearance preferences
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and capable of withstanding wear and tear
What is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If a part is identified as such, it means that it was made specifically for Ford Fusion and was used in the factory. If it is not identified as such, it is an aftermarket part. Aftermarket parts will then fit a Fusion but were not made by the original equipment manufacturer.

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