Stock Your Printer With HP 80 Ink

Choosing affordable HP 80 ink ensures that you have the right cartridges for your compatible printer. You can choose to print in color and black and white. eBay offers an array of cartridge options for your printing needs.

What are the colors of HP 80 ink?

There are a total of four cartridges that are designated as HP 80 ink. You will need to look at the color that your printer requires when buying cartridges so that you get the correct color. Your printer will give you a warning when a particular color is low, or you can run a test print to show you what the individual ink levels are at. It's possible to replace one or more of the HP 80 ink cartridges at one time based on what ink color you use most frequently.

  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
What kind of printer is the ink used in?

HP 80 ink is used inside of several HP DesignJet printer models. This is a color inkjet printer, meaning that you can print in black and white or full color. The inkjet printing technology uses droplets of ink on the substrate, such as paper or plastic, to recreate the digital image whether it's a photograph or a document. There are a few benefits of inkjet printing:

  • High-quality: Multiple ink cartridges allow for better color quality.
  • Low cost: The cost of inkjet printers tend to be budget-friendly.
  • Speed: It's easier to print photos on your own printer than waiting to send them out.
What does the "XL" designation mean on ink cartridges?

HP 80XL ink cartridges have the "XL" designation to identify that they are high-yield. This means that you can get considerably more pages out of one of these cartridges compared to a standard one, preventing you from having to replace them as often. An 80XL cartridge can produce as many as 4400 pages, depending on the settings that you have in place on your printer. That is nearly double what a traditional HP 80 cartridge can produce.

What is a refurbished ink cartridge?

A refurbished ink cartridge uses an existing cartridge so that new materials do not have to be used to create another one. Many brands offer refurbished ink cartridges, allowing you to be eco-friendlier. They will make any necessary repairs to the cartridge and then refill it with the necessary ink. This means that you can find refurbished ink cartridges for HP 80 in all of the colors. Additionally, some brands will provide refill kits, allowing you to use a syringe to fill the cartridges on your own with bottles of ink in each color.

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