Add the HP 6300 Pro to Your Office and Get Work Done

With the HP 6300 Pro desktop, running the programs necessary for a small business to operate becomes more conducive to preserving space. An auto shop might find that keeping tabs of inventory and performing other duties become streamlined. Finding these computers won't be a Herculean task, either, since a good selection of new, used, and affordable HP 6300 Pro machines can be found on eBay.

How much memory does the HP Compaq Pro 6300 possess?

Not every model of the 6300 Pro computer is the same. The levels of RAM vary among the devices. No matter how much RAM a computer has, the memory plays a vital role in allowing the computer to work coherently with software and applications. Depending on the intentions for the computer, would-be buyers should choose a model with the appropriate amount of memory. Do not confuse RAM with the hard disk drive (HDD). HDD provides storage capacity for data. The internal drive on these models often lists at 250 MB or 500 MB. Listed models display the following amounts of RAM memory:

  • 4 GB
  • 8 GB
Why is the HP 6300 a "small form factor" PC?

The delineation "small form factor" refers to a type of desktop computer designed to take up less space. The 6300 Pro falls under this category of PC thanks to its weight of only 16.76 pounds. The product dimensions reveal length, width, and height to be 13.3 inches by 14.9 inches by 3.9 inches. In offices or homes where space is limited, a small form factor model such as the HP Compaq Pro 6300 may prove valuable.

Do any hardware connectivity ports appear on the HP 6300?

Yes, there are ports designed to allow users to connect other devices to the HP Compaq Pro 6300. Through connecting additional devices, the PC's functions and performance expand. A USB 2.0 port allows users to connect external hard drives, flash drives, cameras/camcorders, DVD players, and any other compatible item. A DVI-D port allows a compatible cable to deliver a digital signal enabling the PC to connect to a necessary monitor.

What processors come with the HP 6300 Pro PC?

Review the individual units available on eBay for exact details. Not every device comes with the same processor. One model comes with an Intel I7-3770 processor that supports a speed of 3.40 GHz. Another runs an Intel Pentium E6300 processor at 2.8 GHz.

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