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How to Pick the Right Hoyt Archery Bow

Many people consider archery to be a fun sport or a form of art which consist of developing skill in using a bow and arrow. Choosing the right bow will make a huge difference in your skill performance. Whether you are a bow hunter, target archer, or a recreational shooter, the type of bow you choose can determine your success. You can find a large selection of new or used Hoyt bows on eBay to help you improve the power of your skill.

The difference between compound and recurve bows

Hoyt bows include both compound and recurve models. The two types are designed for different purposes. Hoyt recurve bows resemble traditional bows, albeit ones that are made from synthetic materials. These consist of a simple body and bowstring. That makes the recurve bow a good fit for people that want a simple bow or a traditional archery experience. On the other hand, a Hoyt compound bow will include multiple springs and pulley systems. That gives new and used Hoyt compound bows for sale a lot more power and makes them especially appropriate for hunters.

How do you choose the right draw weight?

New and used Hoyt bows are available in a wide range of draw weights, which refers to the amount of power that the user needs to pull the string back. A higher draw weight means a more powerful bow, but it also means that it takes more strength to use it. People who use a bow that is too heavy for them will get tired after just a few shots so it is important to pick a weight that you can handle. Every archer is different, but your age can provide a good starting estimate. Also, most eBay Hoyt bows are adjustable, so you only need a rough estimate. As a guide, use the following:

  • Most youths will want to start with a bow that is in the 10-15-pound range.
  • Older teens and smaller adults should look at bows in the 25-40-pound range.
  • Hunters and larger adults may benefit from heavier bows.
Finding your draw length

Hoyt bows for sale on eBay come in a variety of sizes. Using a bow that is either too long or too short for you will lead to decreased performance, so it is important to pick the right size. You can figure out which size to buy by calculating your draw length. The process is quick and easy, but you will need someone to help with the measurements. Here is how to determine your draw length:

  • Stretch your arms out straight so that your body forms a T.
  • Have a friend measure the distance between your fingers.
  • Divide that number by 2.5 to calculate your draw length.
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