Finding Replacement Hoverboard Parts For Your Favorite Board

Hoverboards are a lot of fun until the hoverboard sensor no longer works. Whether you are looking for Hover 1 replacement parts or High Roller hoverboard parts, you can find great deals on new and used parts on eBay. Even if your board works fine but you want to customize it, you can find all the replacement parts you need.

What parts are available?

There are several types of hoverboard replacement parts on eBay. There are even kits that come with a variety of parts and are useful if you are fixing up a hoverboard or have more than one board that you are working on. Before buying any parts, make sure that the part is compatible with your hoverboard. There are numerous brands and styles of boards out there. Some parts are universal but some parts are not. Read the product descriptions thoroughly and look at all the pictures to confirm that the part is compatible with your board. If you are still unsure, see the manufacturer site for details. Here are some of the parts you will see listed:

  • Tires, wheels, and inner tubes
  • Motors
  • Board sensors and motherboards
  • Charging ports
  • Batteries
Most common brands

The best way to get parts that are compatible with your hoverboard is simply to buy the same brand. If you cannot find your brand, there may still be compatible parts listed. The brands of hoverboard parts you will see most often include:

  • Halo Rover
  • SwagTron
  • GoTrax
  • Razor
  • Veeko
  • High Roller
Are all hoverboard chargers compatible?

If you still have the old charger in your possession, you can use it to help you choose a compatible charger. To determine compatibility, you must know two things about your hoverboard. First, you need to know the output of the board. This can range from 24V to 42V. A charger that is rated for 42V won't work for a board that is rated as 24V. There are some chargers that can be adjusted to charge different voltage boards. Just make sure that the one you are looking at is compatible. The second feature you need to look at is how many pins are in the charging port. The chargers come in two, three or four pins. A two-pin charger is relatively rare. The most common plug is the three-pin. If you get a charging port with the wrong number of pins, it will not work to charge your board, although there are adapters you can buy separately.