Lift Yourself Higher With a Hoverboard Charger

Battery packs and chargers for virtually any electronic device will wear through or become lost over time. You can get ahead of these common issues by ordering hoverboard chargers ahead of time. eBay offers a number of brand-specific and general-purpose hoverboard chargers to choose from.

How to find the right affordable hoverboard charger

Not only do you want to consider price but also whether it will be able to deliver as well as your original charger. Typically, you might expect a hoverboard charger to charge up your board quickly and efficiently. But not all chargers are made equally.

Look for thick cords that seem to hold up to constant folding and unfolding well. Then consider the wall plug. Nearly all are made with the standard type-A 12V plug where there are simply two prongs on a short, square plug. However, there are some variations of this two-prong plug where the plug itself has a large adapter box. Just be aware that this box will get in your way and may cut off access to other outlets.

How much is a new or used hoverboard charger?

Hoverboard chargers typically range between less than $5.00 and $20.00. They are definitely affordable. However, it’s important to note that you usually get what you pay for, don’t be surprised if a $4.00 charger wears out in a month or two. Hoverboard chargers this cheap are often for temporary or backup use.

What’s the difference between 42V 2A and 42V 1A hoverboard chargers?

Fy0632941500 is the standard key for a hoverboard charger and will likely bring up 42V 2A results. The 2A refers to the amps supplied through that charger, and 2A is the max. The only difference between the two may be charging speed.

Essentially your device will only draw 1A and will charge at about half the speed of a 2A charger. When in doubt, faster charging is nice. However, if you regularly charge your hoverboard overnight, then you probably don’t need to worry about it.

A universal hoverboard charger, or a hover 1 charger, should deliver 2A as that is the standard expectation among users and the standard charger provided by manufacturers.

Don’t worry about cord length when buying a hoverboard charger

When looking at hoverboard chargers, you might review aspects such as cord length or charging speed. Most 2A chargers will charge at a relatively fast speed. Cord length will not change charging speed. It will only matter if there is enough room between the place you want to keep your hoverboard and the nearest outlet. Charing a hoverboard safely often calls for the hoverboard to be as close to the wall plug as possible to prevent tripping or slipping accidents.