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Hot Wheels Die-cast and Toy Vehicles

Hot Wheels die-cast toy vehicles provide you with a vast array of car models to select from. These miniature cars by Hot Wheels came onto the scene early in the 20th century, allowing you to select cars that provide you with glimpses into the past. These Hot Wheels cars also come in a variety of colors, ranging from black and white to red and green.

What are the types of vehicles available?

When you are considering selecting a Hot Wheels car, you have the choice of many different types of vehicles. You can find monster trucks, standard cars, pick-up trucks, NASCAR racing cars, and buses. Other types of vehicles available include delivery trucks, vans, emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and firetrucks, and motorcycles. There are also Hot Wheels boats, aircraft carriers, commercial vehicles, dump trucks, hearses, limousines, tankers, tow trucks, sports cars, police cars, and campers.

What does the scale of these cars mean?

One of the numbers that is seen with every Hot Wheels car is a scale ratio that can be listed as anything from 1:6 to 1:1250; the vast majority of which are either 1:18 or 1:64. This number refers to the scale of the toy in comparison to the actual car that it is based off of. This number can be written in either centimeters or inches, and it allows you to identify the size of the toy in question. For instance, a model that is listed as 1:24 means that for every 1 inch of the toy, there are 24 inches of the actual car.

What colors are these cars available in?

These cars are available in a range of colors, such as black, blue, red, and white. Colors like yellow, green, purple, and orange are also found on many die-cast Hot Wheels vehicles. Silver, gold, and gray cars and trucks exist, too. Certain makes are outfitted with multiple colors, mostly when attempting to match their real-world counterparts. Some of the color combinations you'll encounter include red and white, black and white, and black and silver. A smaller selection of these Hot Wheels cars are also available in brown, pink, and clear.

What is a die-cast car?

When you notice that one of these cars is listed as die-cast, that refers to the way in which it is made. The die-casting method places zinc alloy or molten lead into a mold in order to produce one of these cars, which means that the vast majority of these items consist almost entirely of metal, although some of the accessories and parts that are equipped on the car can be made of glass, rubber, or plastic.

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